new 4mm rose-cut diamond ring

31 March 2011

I have just added this new 4mm rose-cut platinum diamond ring to our RUST wedding shop. I am totally in love with it, so much so, that I am thinking of reasons that someone could deserve two engagement rings? Or, maybe I could have one with a champagne diamond or a black diamond? acceptable or just greedy?

It is a smaller version of our the 5mm rose~cut floral carved ring which I was previously lusting over, however, the smaller one definitely suits my munchkin-like paws! The price is much better for lightweight wallets too... 5mm : £3,350, 4mm : £1,950. Time for me to start collecting those coins from inside the sofa.

another new addition today, 3mm Palladium horn texture ring...

£365 available online from now!
Whilst I'm in salesperson mode...excitingly we {RUST I mean} are partaking in our very first advertisement! Since now we have never paid a penny in RUST *London for any advertising or PR, so it is a big step. So look out for us soon in 100 Layer Cake! {its only a tiny add, not centre fold of Vogue yet, but we'll see how it goes!}.

*we do in Japan though. ; )


  1. I'm absolutely in love with the horn texture ring & I always enjoy reading your blog !

  2. the rings are so divine! What does a black diamond look like? pjxx

  3. Stunning ring - I adore it and the 5mm. LOVE your blog too.
    Happy thursday eve
    A x

  4. Gorgeous! I am now thinking of a reason to need two engagement rings...

  5. Anonymous31.3.11

    STUNNING. From Jess in NZ :)

  6. gorgeous. so gorgeous!

  7. oooooh I love your new rings!! I want to save up for one for myself!! Who needs a wedding to have such a beauty! Boo

  8. So, so beautiful.

  9. Anonymous3.4.11

    SUCH an elegant engagement ring, I love small and subtle, with the delicate detail in the band.

  10. If one day I get married, I'll be delighted to wear those wonderfull rings... :)

  11. Your rings are absolutely amazing! i adore them, if someone asked me to describe my ideal ring, i think it would be pretty similar to yours:) i might just have to start saving.


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