22 March 2011

dolly parton dress


I had the urge to put on something colourful this morning and try my hand at looking smart{ish}. It is going to be 18 degrees today apparently, according to the beeb. I decided to take some pics in the garden and in my newly cleaned shed.

above is my new bird bag, a birthday pressie from Nao. It has a huge red bird on the back too.
also, that cameo ring is the first ever setting i made. I think the cameo is from around 1920s, I found it at a lapidary, in an old box of random cameos. I love the colour, and regardless that I made in myself...i actually really like this ring!

the dress is from 70s/80s, hilarious Dolly Parton stylee. I love the colour of it, and its the only shade of red that my pasty tones can take. I have a few dresses like this, and they are all made in UK. Oh my heritage!

Plimsoll does not like to be Papped.
Anyway, i have a mountain of jewellery on my desk that needs to be finished today...yaaawwwnnn... ; )

p.s. you can see more of this nonsense on my flickr here.


  1. That dress is ever so much more chic (on you anywho) than to be Dolly Parton-y! Love your hair too!

  2. lovely outfit!!!
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  3. You don't look pasty at.all. You actually look like you've got a tan. The dress suits you!

    Maja x

  4. love this dress, artemis, especially the sweet little collar. you look so lovely! and your ring is quite fab as well!

  5. you look lovely and that studio is just amazing! i wish i could have one like that!!!! twiggs

  6. Great dress, and that cameo ring made my heart skip a beat. I've loved cameos since I was a little girl and found one in the back of my closet when we moved into a new house. SO lovely and classic.

    from black currant thoughts.

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  8. You're darling, as always! A little red riding hoodish even !

  9. Awww, sweetie I love the sleeves on this dress and you look cute.

    Lisa xx

  10. Gorgeous! Beautiful, beautiful photos. These look like photos from a trendy store. You wear the dress so well.

  11. Very cute dress, I have a similar one in short sleeves.

  12. Omg my sisster has the same dress but in black she got in a vintage shop called cow in Birmingham its more of a vintage warehouse, it full length though.


  13. Looking gorgeous. I wish I had the thrift shop knack but vintage dresses make me look like a spud

  14. How funny, I have a similar 1970s dress but it's a deep blue and the collar doesn't have quite as large of a ruffle. You look lovely in the red! Not pale at all.

    The cameo ring is gorgeous, you should be especially proud of making it.

  15. omg, you look so pretty! pretty pretty pretty! very spring lady :) x

  16. you looked good in this dress. :D

  17. what a gorgeous dress - i love it and i love your snazzy laces in your brogues too!

  18. What a ‘made for you’ dress. I love it. You’m a pretty lady! Love the ring too. :)