26 March 2011

a day in brixton

today we went to visit our lovely friend Madeleine who lives in Brixton, south London, {she makes the most beautiful chandeliers by the way, see here}. Then we popped over to a nice little arcade which is full of lovely cafes and vintage shops and the like. We bought a few things from the shop above {some hand knitted slippers for Moi, £6, and some pressies not for Moi}.We saw some huge land snails for sale at the African food shop, but luckily my camera ran out of battery at that point!

there is so much to see here, we'll definitely have to go there again...

afterwards we were treated to tea and homemade marmalade cake at Madeleine's house, and got the chance to catch up with Otis the cat.

after that, we had dinner at the pub and felt like the luckiest people in all Peckhamdom, when we landed the table next to the fire. What a perfect day!


  1. aaargh! I miss Brixton - especially after seeing these beautiful photos!
    What a perfect day.

  2. Perfect day! Otis the cat looks adorable.

  3. Even though I have lived in London for almost 6 years I have only ever gone through Brixton on a bus! Definitely think I will need to calendar a weekend visit soon after seeing this.

  4. Ooh Brixton looks like fun! I think I'll have to schedule a visit next time we're in the capital. Looks like you had a perfect day xxx

  5. Wow! That place looks like so much fun. So much to look at! Sounds like you had a magic day. Perfect ending too.

  6. And Otis felt the love and says come again soon!

  7. Everyone should have an Otis.......

  8. Oh my god! My friend lives in Brixton and I often visit, but I've never seen this arcadey place!!!
    PLEASE can you tell me where it is???

    Thank you. x

  9. Catherine14.1.13

    The crepes at Brick Box are excellent. I love the whole Brixton Village, but it has got a bit overwhelmingly trendy now, and the rents have been raised a lot.