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17 March 2011

We were planning to move this spring, however we are going to wait another year as it is not a good time to for us to buy a house. Interest rates are really high and we should save for a bigger deposit! Oh hum...

So with that in mind, now that I know we are definitely staying put in our little flat in East Dulwich, I thought it was time for a bit of a clear up.
We picked up these book racks a while ago. They are really useful, we have two of them, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Perfect for displaying my fave book covers {not that I judge that way of course}.

So happy am i, with by new blanky. From National Trust shop. Also, please note, yet another Roberts radio! I found this one for a tenner, in perfect condition with FM and even a battery in it. Now I can listen to Book at Bedtime all around the flat.

I also have a strange fascination for old coat hangers, especially the covered ones. Why would you spend time to knit or hand stitch a cover for a coat hanger? The question puzzles me, the more I think about it, the more I think they are things of beauty.

I sorted out all my clothes and folded them up neatly. I hung some Japanese cloths behind the glass doors {sadly they are not long enough though}.

and here is my cuckoo clock. I wanted one all my life, and Nao found one for me. I love the way the cuckoo pops out, says its bit then slams the door shut. I am like this towards Jehovah Witness at 8am. {no offence intended!}

Plimsoll likes it when we tidy up, as there is more surface areas for her to sit and observe her strange and peculiar humans.

we also sorted out all our crockery. These Japanese bowls were inherited from our friend Shu, when he left London and moved to Tokyo.

I found these when tiding up, they are from when I went to the coast around Nao's hometown with his Mum, I thought I'd bring some home...I'm so glad I did!

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