18 March 2011

actual photographs

Always exciting...finally I got these prints back from the developers. I took them with my old Halina at Hughenden Manor, which I'm amazed still works.
I love the way they look all blurry {erm, i mean I still cant work ut the focusing, unless you carry a tape measure around with you?} and the light is so unusual.
Also very funny to look at ourselves circa 196os, it reminds of that weird scene in Easy Rider.

i think the strange lines are from the scanner not the photo...v annoying.

I took this one of Plim, just to run the film on...but i quite like it! You can see some more from this camera here.
I bought 3 x films too, so many more to come...its like xmas getting prints back.

p.s. just noticed that black thing on most of the pics too, next time, wipe the scanner stoooopid!