18 March 2011

actual photographs

Always exciting...finally I got these prints back from the developers. I took them with my old Halina at Hughenden Manor, which I'm amazed still works.
I love the way they look all blurry {erm, i mean I still cant work ut the focusing, unless you carry a tape measure around with you?} and the light is so unusual.
Also very funny to look at ourselves circa 196os, it reminds of that weird scene in Easy Rider.

i think the strange lines are from the scanner not the photo...v annoying.

I took this one of Plim, just to run the film on...but i quite like it! You can see some more from this camera here.
I bought 3 x films too, so many more to come...its like xmas getting prints back.

p.s. just noticed that black thing on most of the pics too, next time, wipe the scanner stoooopid!


  1. Armide18.3.11

    Hello Artemis!
    I love the atmosphere of these pictures! Especially the one with the tree trunk, this other one of the statue in the sunshine and the last one of Plimsol! So poetical! And you are right, photos of you two look like they were taken in the 60's! Weird feeling though...
    Hope you two are able to relax a bit after the stress of the past week. Not easy at all! I can't get off the sites of the NHK and BBC.It is starting to look like and adiction...
    All the best to you and Nao!

  2. Gorgeous pictues! I especially love the one of the garden statue. The way that the light has been captured makes her look like an angel!

  3. These are great! I love the lighting, what a lovely effect.

  4. Indeed! Brilliant photos! Of course, your photos always are a pleasure to look at. But this camera/film/lighting style befits you and Nao very well, in my humble... but then again, you could probably make anything look very stylish ;)

  5. Gosh these are so beautiful. I love the faded aged quality. Like an eccentric elderly lady regailing a wonderful story of her past. These are like snapshots of her memories. xx

  6. You go time traveling Artemis!

    The photos all look very 60's. Especially the one where you have your hair tied back with an aliceband.
    The light quality, colouration and blurring make them all very special. Looking forward to seeing what you shoot with your Halina next.

    Kind regards

  7. Artemis these pictures are just fantastic - the statue looks positively angelic. WOW!!
    Have a lovely week.
    A xx

    PS: I love your blog so much I put it on my blogroll ;)

  8. wow, the pictures are really nice, amazing cameras you have. :D

  9. So beautiful and inspiring!

    Sorry for all your recent woes, all the best to you and your family.