4 February 2011

waiting...and waiting...

...and waiting...for...one day...a....

still as yet, a mere dream. I must say, I am yearning for our own place, where i can hang up my pictures without Landlord notification. And where we don't have to live with woodchip on the walls and buckled cheapo laminate on the floor. O one day! I have already been cutting up mags...lots of lovely things in there. I'm sure my house would look nothing like these but its still nice to see what other people have done.

 on the bright side, there are these perky little numbers popping up...

and i FINALLY finished my first knitting attempt. I have to say that knitting is not for me, it is INSANELY repetitive and i hate routine. I am also very impatient so I will stick with the weaving I think, at least, when we get a house with some space I can do some more weaving. Oh a house, here i go again!

{and yes, i did run out of the fuchsia colour wool, that why its a bit purple too. whaaaat?} C'est unique, no?

*Oh, and happy weekend too!
I can't wait either, for Silent Witness on monday & tuesday...its the only thing on telly i want to watch. But i missed last week due to working late. Booo!

I can't look at the bits where they open up someones head like a boiled egg... I cover my eyes, but I can still here the gloopy noises as they remove body parts...disguuuusting! {but I love it}
If i wasn't a jewellery designer, and if I wasn't a lightweight about gore, I'd of like to have been a Forensic Pathologist!


  1. i feel for you, london is so expensive but you'll get the keys to your own house soon and what a cute house it will be...

  2. Just pretend it was meant to be all colour blocked!

    Oh I share your dream of having my own home. Unfortunately due to money problems (and the parents wanting the mortgage paid if they can't sell their house before moving to France) we (me and husband!) will be moving back home. Well at least it is still London (zone 4 almost Kent, London but still London!)

  3. Great post. It's annoying the waiting, but the dreaming and planning is a great time. Enjoy it...

    p.s. did you know you were listed as a great blog by the Howies Brainfood team. They reckon you are cool cos you have a cat called Plimsoll!

    Lou x

  4. I so feel your pain. We're in almost the exact situation. My hub's career keeps us bound and gagged to this city ( NY that is). But I dream dream of living upstate, having a lil flower garden of my own !!!!...hhmmh! All we can do is plan and pray, and I'm sure the reality of it would'nt be so far behind. Hugs.

  5. I have a very cute little house with a garden in New Zealand but inconveniently we live in a rented flat in London. It's kinda torture cos all I can think about is my vege patch!

  6. What about the shed?!!
    Yes this scarf is undoubtedly magnifique et unique !!!

  7. hang on in there lovely lady - you will find a home of your own soon :)
    t x

  8. I know exactly how you feel, I live in a house which seems to be made entirely of woodchip and icky carpets. I also have a scrapbook just like yours! We'll get there! Promise! xxx

  9. Hmmmm, yes, I can see how the squeemishness could hold you back from that particular career!

    A place of ones own? One day, one day. xx

  10. Love the crocus! I've also got a folder full of interior design ideas ready for that day when I get my dream home :-)

  11. Ah yes, a home of one's own...how lovely that would be : )

    I struggle with knitting too. Never mind, I like to think it makes my weaving all the better.

  12. Congrats on the scarf & all those images you cut out of magazines are just lovely!

  13. I hope you get your wish soon.It is hard to settle and nest and make your home a home when its not really yours.We are renting at the moment also after selling our house bank owns most of the block we bought and I really dont want to be in suburbia so my dream is a older style home on acres.I love your cut outs I do the same.

  14. Oh gosh, I know what you mean about being a pathologist. Such an interesting job. I was so close (well a doctor but still years away).

  15. Anonymous5.2.11

    Oh Artemis, which magazines were those pictures from? They are SO lovely and right up my alley!

  16. Dear Artemis, you've been doing the right thing - visualizing your dreams. I wonder if you've seen The Secret or read anything about Feng Shui Wealth Maps but your pictures will have the same effect, I'm sure :)

  17. Artemis,
    Love your images for your home. I have similar books too.
    Have you heard of pinterest.com?
    I am collecting lots of my favourite interiors images there.
    It's like a mood board but shared with so many others.
    Luv Kat x

  18. Louise8.2.11

    Thank you for the timely reminder that I am rubbish :) My hubs and I bought our own house in 07, and it remains largely in the same state we bought it in - nasty woodchip paper included. I even have a sewing room, but it's so choc full of stuff and untidy I don't use it. This post has reminded me how lucky I am, and I don't make the most of it. Thank you, and good luck with finding somewhere perfect for you

  19. I can't wait to no longer rent and have my own little home :) x

  20. hang in there and keep dreaming, it will happen, i also deram of a new kitchen, bathrrom, studio space, and falt back home in Gran canaria, as you can see my list go on and on...love your blog, by the way where do u put all the gorgeous stuff you keep finding??