waiting...and waiting...

4 February 2011

...and waiting...for...one day...a....

still as yet, a mere dream. I must say, I am yearning for our own place, where i can hang up my pictures without Landlord notification. And where we don't have to live with woodchip on the walls and buckled cheapo laminate on the floor. O one day! I have already been cutting up mags...lots of lovely things in there. I'm sure my house would look nothing like these but its still nice to see what other people have done.

 on the bright side, there are these perky little numbers popping up...

and i FINALLY finished my first knitting attempt. I have to say that knitting is not for me, it is INSANELY repetitive and i hate routine. I am also very impatient so I will stick with the weaving I think, at least, when we get a house with some space I can do some more weaving. Oh a house, here i go again!

{and yes, i did run out of the fuchsia colour wool, that why its a bit purple too. whaaaat?} C'est unique, no?

*Oh, and happy weekend too!
I can't wait either, for Silent Witness on monday & tuesday...its the only thing on telly i want to watch. But i missed last week due to working late. Booo!

I can't look at the bits where they open up someones head like a boiled egg... I cover my eyes, but I can still here the gloopy noises as they remove body parts...disguuuusting! {but I love it}
If i wasn't a jewellery designer, and if I wasn't a lightweight about gore, I'd of like to have been a Forensic Pathologist!

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