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28 February 2011

and finally I get to see the sea again. I really miss being by the sea. we had such a great weekend on the Isle of Wight, some lovely sunny weather, and dare i say it, slightly warm !?

this is Ventnor beach, i remember being a wee tot, and the sand was so hot you couldn't walk on it.
we also went to Shalfleet, where there is a network of creeks, I used to row about in my tiny boat when i was little. I nearly got capsized when a swan i was feeding bread to, jumped on board!
We used to go camping around here to, super tranquil indeed.

its such a peaceful place, all you can hear is the wind whistling through the masts of the boats in the dry harbour, and the oyster catcher birds.

we chased the sun on the way home and took some photos from the car...

we went for sunday lunch at the Pointer Inn, in Newchurch. It was so good i nearly fainted. Check out this crumble...

good lord! ...rude not to, I say.

then we had a mooch around the church yard to see the amazing display of springy delights, a carpet of crocus and snowdrops...


...lastly but certainly not leastly, we met two little characters: my friends two Guinea pigs...



They hang around the fridge in their kitchen waiting for tasty morsels, hilarious!
I love the way their fur looks like bed-hair!

...couldn't resist showing you this photo...taken by my friend's dad Dave Wadsworth, it's a classic!!

Ahhh, what a lovely weekend we had.

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