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13 February 2011


 we went car booting again this weekend, even though we had an exhausting week at work {wedding season is kicking in!} we still managed to get up at 4am. It was worth it though, i found some beauties! Nao bought me the lovely sewing box. It needed some light repairs and was covered in sticky, dirty gunk, it was a very gratifying project to renovate it last night. Now its perfect! Also found some bits for the bucket tree, like these hand painted horses.

scissors, and still nice and sharp, I love heavy metal scissor.

and I spied this hideous, yet beautiful lamp! I know some people might question my taste sometimes, but I really don't care...cause this lamp spoke to me, and it said 'if you take care of me, I'll look great in a white room' and I believed it. And, soon as I got it home and switched it on, I felt like we had a connection. Not 100% sure if Nao is being polite, but he is saying that he likes it too {frankly, he's got no choice}
I'd love to know your reaction, hideous or beautiful?

{don't be offended if I choose to ignore your advise to get rid of it}

anyways, we found lots of other stuff to put in the bucket tree too {soon!}, and also lots of photos to show you of what we did after the car boot.

Happy valentines day peoples, I love you all and wish you health and happiness all over the world X

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