junk findings

9 February 2011

a few bits of junk recently procured from the boot sale.
I bought the two above just for the frames, but im quite liking the flying geese pic!

love this donkey painting, someone must have really liked donkeys a lot

old straw hat and apron for when i feel like being a Walton.

and amazingly, in amongst the junk we bought were some old newspapers, this one is from 1940 and has lots of hilarious stories! the one that says 'Susan Jennifer thanks Hitler' is about a small girl who had some teeth that wouldn't appear, one day a bomb dropped in their garden, and the parent found the child gnawing at bomb shrapnel and thus her teeth miraculously appeared! Hmmm...suppose it good to look at the bright side of things.

Proof that Chocolates ARE health food. and some Valium for your cat & dog, i think if there were bombs dropping on my house, I'd be guzzling down that bottle myself!

There was also a moon landing pullout special from the Times 1969 and some others from 1980. How odd! but they make fascinating reading

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