15 February 2011



My Valentines card from Nao + diamond studs + toy museum + dinner at the National Gallery...

= one very happy wifu! 

{I thought the understanding was that we weren't going to do anything this year, so therefore, no card for Nao...how terrible is that!}


  1. This is so sweet and the postcard is really nice...

  2. How fun! I love those photos of the forest, it seems so old and mysterious even laid bare as it is in the winter. And that shot down the tree-lined windy road--perfection. Looks like you had a nice Valentine's day as well. :)
    So did I, here's a link to my blog if you want to check out my day. :)


  3. I love the postcard. It's so thoughtful!

  4. Lisa Halligan15.2.11

    oh my gosh how adorable! it's the little things that make life with another a sweeter place ot be... it was my birthdy on valentines dy and my boyfriend went all out with the whole valentines adventure.. and (like yourself i hadn't done anything either thinking we weren't going to) but between he and the cat they cooked up a magical little plan... Nao' card is a priceless treasure ;) xx

  5. Anonymous17.2.11

    Ah! Your valentines beats my ready made M&S chicken pie hands down (plus I had to peel the spuds and cook the peas to go with it). Long live romance.

  6. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for the blue tin I bought from you at The Bucket Tree. It's just as I hoped it would be like and looks lovely with all my other bits and bobs. One of my favourite birthday presents (to myself haha).

    Thank you!
    Jenny (NEW FOLLOWER)