23 February 2011

i am looking forward to spring so much! really need to get some sun on my skin and jump into the sea.
being born on a small island definitely effects my stamina for being land locked for too long...its like being really thirsty, the more you think about a nice cold glass of water, the more thirsty you get!
so, a trip to the seaside is coming soon, and all shall be right again.

in other news, not much is happening! but we did go to Canterbury last weekend, and I have yet to blog about it, but i will do tomorrow hopefully {after cleaning the flat which looks like someone hid a big juicy steak, then let a Rottweiler loose to sniff it out. Basically mountains of washing everywhere, sometimes difficult to find my cat and/or husband.

ANYway, here are some photos I took in the workshop this morning. All the Daffs are out and the smell is amazing! They are currently £1 per bunch at Tesco, and are the best smelling ones I've ever sniffed.

that little photo is from more tea vicar?, I love it!

so, with the aroma of Narcissus on my desk and in my nose, I bid you farewell! {until tomorrow perhaps}.

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