3 January 2011

a brand new year...


its so scary how fast the years are ticking by isn't it? I always feel depressed at the beginning of a new year, i want to clean the house and make a drastic change to my appearance yet at the same time cant find the motivation. I have no idea why im like this as we had a really good 2010 so i should be celebrating! Anyhow, today i dyed my hair...its meant to be light brown, but it came out dark blonde! Oh well, its ok and its quite near to my natural hair colour actually!

Thought I'd show you some things i have acquired from the days I have been an absent blogger.

First off, Nao suprised me with this amazing diamond necklace! it is rose-cut and set in 18ct gold...im super lucky indeed. It is the same as this platinum one, both available to order at Rust {of course!}.

secondly, i found this amazing shirt! Is it Turkish? or Hungarian? answers on a postcard please! check out the sleeves, i look like i should have a small herd of mountain goats at my side!

I also got this little patchwork bag for xmas, in fact I spotted it in a junk shop and told Nao that it would do as my pressie {unbeknownst to me that he was making a hugemungous diamond necklace aswell!} and completely forgot about it, so it was a lovely surprise. its so beautifully made it makes my brain boggle.

my new spotted shorts are from Primarni naturally!

I got loads of other lovely pressies too, think i need to do another post for that!
other stuff I have been upto this holiday was some more wax carving...like this tiny tea cup which is about 1cm wide...

I am also the proud owner of some vintage paints! and such beautiful butterfly cards from Sarah of Small Island Store sent all the way from Hong Kong! so very kind and i LOVE the canvas wallet these cards come in, such a good idea. Thank you Sarah!

exercise books from Nao...

a candle in the shape of some string! Genius! from Nao too...

i found this 1930s ostrich feather collar on Fleabay.

and another xmas pressie to myself, I discovered that Diptyque do a solid version of my fave whiff...fig!

Plimsoll seems quite happy with her xmas pressie from me, a bowl for her Sheba.


  1. beautiful necklace! good work nao!

  2. thats one AMAZING bag! i've just made my first quilt today and it was tough, that would be crazy hard to make.
    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, Happy New Year too!

  3. The diamond is of course stunning, but I also love the little bag. Looks like someone put a lot of work into that.

    Best Wishes for 2011,

  4. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Everything!

  5. Anonymous3.1.11

    Lovely pressies!!I'm a fan from Dublin. Love your blog and the creativity of yourself and Nao. You're a very cute and industrious couple! Happy New Year and here's hoping you have an Absolutely Fabulous 2011. Ruth :)

  6. oh, just hearing you say that you get depressed in the beginning of the year just made me feel so much better because i've been battling some nasty blue feelings the past day or two. but your post just made me feel a bit brighter - love the gorgeous presents you got, especially that necklace!! how lovely it is :)

  7. Wonderful pressies! Pimsoll is a lucky cat. I think my cats bowl is very boring compared. I will have to get her a New Years pressie and upgrade I think.
    Happy New Year!

  8. What gorgeous gifts! Great to have a husband who can make you such a lovely necklace. Love the pics of Plimsoll and her new bowl.

  9. The necklace is just beautiful hun.
    And the patchwork bag so cute!
    The butterfly bag and exercise books I love too.
    Hope to post about my gifts today too.
    Kat x

  10. Your blog, lovely jewelry, vintage finds, and crafty-ness are all very inspiring! Love keeping up.
    Happy New Year to you and your husband and kitty!

  11. i love that you use the word "pressy" i may have to steal it.


  12. Anonymous4.1.11

    I would love Plimsol's bowl - perhaps I would give it to one of my little furbies? Or maybe keep it for me!

  13. This entire post is gorgeous! The patchwork bag and diamond necklace are gorgeous.

  14. happy new year! i like the combo of those shorts with that top- very unique!

  15. I'm just a fan of your cat!
    So cute and he has just the most cute bowl for a cat!

  16. Such a beautiful necklace and that bag is such a cutie. Did you put a new strap on it?
    x C

  17. ooh, i am a big diptyque fan and am very excited to see that solid perfume!

  18. I love the bowl! Where is it from, are they for human use too?!
    I have the primani shorts too, but can't make my mind up about the braces...!

  19. Your shirt looks Ukrainian! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vyshyvanka
    The Vyshyvanka is the traditional hand made clothing that's usually made out of linen and with beautiful flower embroideries.
    Here's some more info on the embroidery:

    (like you, getting married to someone from another culture does teach you a thing or two ;-) )

    Best wishes from Paris!

  20. ..hello, I'm Embun from Indonesia..
    i really love ur blog, ur stories, ur pics.. amazing and inspired me!

    lophs lophs.
    embun :)