11 January 2011

a 1970s child

latest junk additions...
I'm sure i had some of these when I was little?
Now-a-days, kids have toys that I don't know how to operate.

But how cool, they do tricks too...

thats GOT to be hours of fun, right?

in amongst the bunch, i found this less two dimensional fellow,all on his tod.
am I right in thinking this is from an antique Noah's Ark set? so if you have a missing goat...
tough, cause he's mine!

is there no end of 70's craft manuals to be had in the charity shops?! this one has a particularly amazing medley of activities ranging from cardboard furniture, candles that look like food, canoeing and bread sculpture. But, i jest you not, check out this AMAZING cardboard desk...

right thats GOT to be a do-er. but where can obtain such huge slabs of corrugated card I wonder?

canoeing is next on the list for sure.

and, I actually did need this.

It wasn't until i look at the contents I realised in is B-C in a collection of books, so that explains the bread making and canoeing, ahhhh I see!

and for the benefit of a certain Nicola, here is Elvis...


  1. Goodness, that's taken me back! I had lots of those wooden animals and trees. There were buildings too. Thank you for posting them.


  2. i was thinking of using wooden animals and painting them with chalkboard paint for my table #s at my wedding-- wish i had yours!


  3. Nicolac11.1.11

    I love your blog, Artemis. It's even better now you have Elvis involved!!

  4. Artemis your photos just get better.. such beautiful light. As for the wooden animals, they would fit right in over at mine, Rufus has an ostheimer Elk from Father Christmas, which I have fallen in love with. Lou x

  5. Hi Artemis. Funny as my husband is having some wonderful display stands made up from massive sheets of cardboard by this amazing lady: http://www.shellthomas.com/ecorocker.html Thought you might like Reggie ;-)

  6. my grandfather used to go to the local hardware store (any store that sells large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, etc) to bring home large cardboard refrigerator boxes for my the grandkids to make into little playhouses when we went to stay with my grandparents every summer. Cheap, great fun for the grandkids. We would spend the week outside "decorating" by using crayons and markers to draw inside and Grandpa would help us cut out doors and windows. Anyway, you may be able to find large pieces of cardboard from such an appliance shop.

  7. Great toys. Takes me back. Thanks Artemis!

  8. Brilliant finds, I haven't been able to scour my local charity shops in such a long time I'm really getting quite down about it.

  9. ohhhhhhhh, I grew up with a set of those Family Creative Workshop books, and when I moved out into my own house I took the collection with me - about 26 books in all. Unfortunately I lost them in our house fire in 2004. Those are a great find! Keep looking for them!!

  10. Have a go at making a cardboard canoe...just a thought!

  11. me too - I had those animals as a child - were they made by Galt? I think they came in a little net bag - and they did villages too - I had one of those. For people looking for a modern version Muji have some.

  12. Im a child of the 70's and collect things like you. At eh mo I have a a bit of a fondest for vintage cook books - even though I hate cooking!!

    I will have a 70's mini bar!!

    Sam x

  13. Wow, I have this craft book in my bookcase :o)) Wood animals are great ;o) ♥

  14. When I was a kid I didn't need any toys to play, almost any... I could play with anything I found at home and had so much fun ;) Maybe because my parents didn't want to waste much money on toys. I remember my father buying a big box of lego for very cheap, we were playing with it every day, haha, good times, good times. :)

  15. I was an 80s child, but definitely remember having wooden animals like that. Oh, the memories!

  16. Somewhere in London there is an indian karaoke impersonator called Patelvis, The Corner Shop King. I always thinl of him when I see Elvis! Happy New Year A & N!

  17. I had those wooden toys too! I just found them again this very weekend while helping my parents unpack. They were kept in something called the “Sunday box” which was a mini chest-of-drawers of toys we could only play with on a Sunday.
    I’m only just realising quite how weird that is …!

  18. i passed a beautiful award on to your blog!!! :D
    go along here:


    have a beautiful weekend!