21 December 2010

wrapped up!

my favourite part of xmas is actually wrapping up presents! You'd think I would have enough of wrapping things up at work...but no...been looking forward to this bit for weeks.
We try to steer clear of ready made wrapping papers, usually cause they are pretty naff generally speaking.
This year we used our stamp that we made for our wedding, with some gold ink, purple and white tissue paper and brown paper.

Nao stamped the brown paper with black ink.

Then I went rummaging about in the shed for any old ribbons trimmings, tags and string etc...

I love Nao's writing on my pressies {I should mention that we are having a xmas just the two of us, so all the pressies are for us...}

except Plimsoll of course, cat pressies from Liberty's...I hope she appreciates them!

I used some music paper covers to wrap some of mine, and small vintage cotton leaves.

my white pen is so useful, I'm always using it when I feel a creative urge.

Xmassy score 12/10!


  1. Such gorgeous wrapping...little works of art. x

  2. these are so beautiful! i'm inspired!!

  3. Wrapping's my best bit too. And these are so sweet I can hardly bear it! Happy Christmas to you both. :)

  4. How beautiful you two have wrapped those presents! Merry Christmas to you!x

  5. Anonymous21.12.10

    They are beautifully wrapped ,and such talent.you both have.....
    . but please tell you don't pull the old beautiful music sheets apart, tell me you copy it and keep the originals, my hubby has music going back to 1932,
    having said said that he is cracking on a bit, bless him ,but his music is still good,
    wishing you both a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


  6. Beautifully wrapped presents, and so artistic, much nicer than the paper you buy.

  7. Those presents look wonderful! So festive! I use all sorts of wrappings myself, everything from my child's kindergarten artwork to kids' white or brown crafting paper. And the occasional ready made paper.

    Oh, I love wrapping up christmas presents! Even more than receiving presents. And festive parcels are such a big part of the whole Christmas anticipation spirit, that wonderful feeling of holly jollity on the horizon.

  8. Oh, and I meant to say, what a brilliant idea with the virtual open day! Loved the pictures to bits!

  9. How wonderful is that White pen!
    And gorgeous wrapping from both of you.
    The gold works so well on the purple.
    I am a bit wrapping obsessed I love seeing other peoples
    ideas and also doing my own.....
    love Kat x
    (Is that 12/10 to you?)

  10. Such beautiful wrapping paper!

  11. ive chosen brown paper and purple tissue paper this year too! beautifully wrapped presents are so much nicer to give and receive...i love both yours and naos handwriting.

  12. gorgous!! i didn't even know you could get gold ink pads!!

  13. What a really lovely idea! Gorgeous and unique! Have a happy holiday, Kellie xx

  14. I love this post! So inspiring I also love to decorate my christmas presents. They are as much a part of the Christmas decorations as anything else. How did you make your stamp?xx

  15. These are all so gorgeous. I also don't like the store bought wrapping paper. It makes it so much more special when using paper like this.

  16. Gorgeous... almost seems a shame to open them now! (I did say almost!) Hope you both have a very lovely first Christmas as Mr and Mrs x

  17. Your photos are lovely. Beautiful wrapped presents, and the last post with the sky is amazing.

  18. Anonymous22.12.10

    so so so cute and pretty. love the handwriting. i am now looking at my 'ready made paper' wrapped presents and wishing i could do them all again. merry christmas from a sun-shiny new zealand! x

  19. I agree with the above comment...A Work Of Art! Beautiful!

  20. Oh gosh! I am new to your blog and I have lost exactly 2 'work' days to your archives. I am visiting the UK in January and your photos mean that I can't wait. My partner is from England but I have only been through London.
    I love your beautiful Artemis and Nao stamp, and am prepared to order one all the way to Australia (where I cannot find someone to make a custom wood stamp). Do you remember where you ordered it? Thank you so much!