wrapped up!

21 December 2010

my favourite part of xmas is actually wrapping up presents! You'd think I would have enough of wrapping things up at work...but no...been looking forward to this bit for weeks.
We try to steer clear of ready made wrapping papers, usually cause they are pretty naff generally speaking.
This year we used our stamp that we made for our wedding, with some gold ink, purple and white tissue paper and brown paper.

Nao stamped the brown paper with black ink.

Then I went rummaging about in the shed for any old ribbons trimmings, tags and string etc...

I love Nao's writing on my pressies {I should mention that we are having a xmas just the two of us, so all the pressies are for us...}

except Plimsoll of course, cat pressies from Liberty's...I hope she appreciates them!

I used some music paper covers to wrap some of mine, and small vintage cotton leaves.

my white pen is so useful, I'm always using it when I feel a creative urge.

Xmassy score 12/10!

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