17 December 2010

virtual Open day

today's open day here at RUST is much quieter than last week. I have heard about Arctic snow storms outside...which I though was fictional, but seems like it is true and maybe stopping some people from being bothered to venture outside...like me! Soooo, with a little time on my hands, thought I'd take some photos of our workshop, and bring our Open Day to you in your own cosy homes and offices!

above is a piece of art {aka a tape measure} that Nao bought back from his trip to France yesterday. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! {except for every hot mug of tea I've seen}

we found this gate in an antiques market, it leans against the wall behind my desk.

my busy-ness card holder. I like to have a business card, that makes me feel important {that's quite sad actually!}

 these are our new shop cards! we have them printed in Tokyo as it is WAY cheaper than any uk printers I found. Plus, they are nicer too.

we found these rose hip twigs in the meadow {bit naughty to take them I know}, but after a few days, little leaves started sprouting! Does anyone know if I can actually grow them on to be new plants? I love to know as I'm dreaming of this wild rose growing around the door of our {in the future I mean} own house!

 some new items I made last week, with really soft suede strips in delicate chalky colours.

 I also got a bit carried away with the gold spray paint and moss. The moss is actually doing quite well, I put a bit of soil in the bottom of the cup and I keep them under glass bell jars.

 these rose hips are actually 1920s millinery adornments! quite realistic, no?

One-Eared owl now has his ear glued back on! 

 our massive collection of shells and corals have been packed away for a more appropriate time of the year.

 the necklace on the book is kind of new, this one has a large freshwater pearl instead of a stone.

 and of course it wouldn't be christmas without the birds! I love their confused expressions...

and lastly, do you remember this fox? we finally made a mould, and this is a sample made in silver. Not too bad, might need a bit more work but I'm kind of taken by it! I think it will look lovely in gold.
There will be a few more little creatures like this in our new collections coming in the New Year.

Take care everyone in the snow, it's lovely but blimey, it sure is cold out there!


  1. Oh My! The Little Fox is Splendid Indeed!

  2. Blimey, Artemis, there's so much to love about this post!!

  3. So much loveliness. It is amazing how you got that fox to look furry!

  4. Oh I really wanted to come along to see your shop today but have had the flu all week and wasn't able to. I absolutely love your jewellery. xx

  5. you have such a beautiful, whimsical little shop!

  6. Your new fox is beautiful. In fact everything is. What a lovely tour....I would love to have visited. In other news, your new header is amazing! Have a lovely weekend x

  7. what a beautiful shop! wish i could see it in person!

  8. I'm not very green fingered so I can't tell you about the rosehips. Although I'm sure it's possible. But with your moss you don't need to keep it in soil. If it ever looks like its dead, just spray with a bit of water and it will soon plump up. At work we have about 300 different moss species and they are all over 6 months old, dried up and sorry looking but a squirt of water brings them back to life almost instantly. Hope that helps! x

  9. your photos are poetic :)

  10. Anonymous17.12.10

    Gorgeous virtual open day. Love the fox.

    Most roses are propagated from cuttings- they should do quite well. Just stick them in a bit of soil and keep moist. One day you should be able to plant next to your front door!

  11. Just love your images!! Oh and your cardholder, cool!


  12. My oh my! Your studio is gorgeous! So many little details that make it perfect.

  13. Oh how I wish I could have been there! I am desperate to visit! Do you think you will ever open the showroom full time? I am going to try and come to your open day on the 24th.
    Hope Nao had fun in France?

  14. Sweeeeeet! I would love to visit your workshop one day, so thank you for bringing it to the virtual world for now.

    Merry Christmas

  15. oh my goodness the way you display your talent and work is amazing - what a cozy and beautiful studio/shop! I can feel the atmopshere through your photos!

  16. That fox is really beautiful. I'm not a big jewellery fan, until I found your blog and shop that is. Now I'm telling everyone I know about Rust and looking forward to when I can treat myself to a piece from your shop! You're so very talented and your work is charming! Have a lovely Christmas x

  17. I really wanted to make it to your open day.
    Please have some more soon. The pieces look gorgeous. Great seeing Foxy in silver. Hey, Silver Fox, somebody should buy him for the older man in their life.

  18. Wonderful jewelry. I like them very much!

    / Catharina

  19. i love the fox! i remember when you did the carving. it's neat to see its little journey from wax to a pendant.