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11 December 2010

hello again! Its been a while me thinks. Here is a bit of a recap from events this week.

we had an Open day at our studio which normally is only open by appointment. We were lucky enough to attract a few customers and it was very nice indeed to meet some passers by who didn't know we existed!
I also met some fellow bloggers which was great! I have been a bit scared to meet any blogging people in real life till now, but it was lovely so i definitely want to meet more of you's.

It was kind of strange to have people wander in and out of our little space, but very thrilling!
We are planning to do the same thing this friday too.

these were our make-shift notice boards, actually they were the chalk boards we used at our wedding. We thought, as it gets dark at 4pm, we'd put some lights on them to make them stick out a bit.

Now that its the weekend, I decided to do no work at all. Today I sprayed some twigs white to use in our flat this xmas. And, we also went for lunch at Franklins pub on Lordship lane. I had mushrooms, tomatoes poached eggs and bubble and squeak. Exceedingly good and now we both feel completely relaxed!

On the way back home, we spotted a little cabinet that someone was selling on the street. It such a nice thing and will definitely come in handy in our new place {if we can move that is!}

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