13 December 2010


I'm all by my self for a few days, as the husbondo is off junk hunting in France with his chum from Japan. I have therefor purchased a large bottle of beer {already consumed} a box of brandy liqueur chocolates, a small tub of custard and enough baked beans to last me until he comes back. Oh yes the joys of re-living my unhealthy youth! I did nothing yesterday but watch telly...but for some reason I now feel more tired than I did on Friday night, how perplexing!

Still, I thought I'd do another attempt at fashion this morning, as i pulled on my newly acquired trousers and stripy top {charity shop find}. I suddenly felt all French like, I almost reached for the red lippy before remembering that it makes me look like I work the curb. I wish I had dark hair sometimes!

 The necklace is available from RUST ~ a silver hand with liberty print.

 This purse was my Grandma's. I had it for a few years but i never used it as it had a small strap that felt a bit girly, but I recently discovered that it was just attached with a few stitches and I could remove it without causing any damage. I like it much better now, it is beautifully made {in Paris} and covered in tiny bronze glass beads with a silk lining. Ooh lala!
I think she had this during the 40s so she must have been about my age...much more glamorous than me, especially as London was not looking at its best at that point in time!

This jacket is from the 1930/40s, a patent's uniform from a children's hospital of infectious skin diseases! I kid you not! But so sad that these children were shut away from society their whole life, stigmatised by even their own family, institutionalised and suffered permanent mental and emotional problems because {as I researched} they had eczema.
So I love my jacket and i wear it with pride for all those little kiddies who's illness could so easily have been treated.

So that's enough of that...

Back to work stuff, we are having another open day this Friday, 12.30 ~ 8.00pm as before, so there's no excuse to come and show your faces you London Bloggies! X


  1. Love the stripes and I adore your side braid! :)

  2. I've been scouring charity stores for a stripy top like that and have had no luck!

  3. That jacket has such a tragic story, you wear it for those kids, Artimis.

  4. OOps, so sorry for the typo, Artemis.x

  5. You look so pretty! I love the outfit, and the story behind the items!

  6. You look beautiful in this outfit! Love the stripes!

  7. So true about the red lippie. Im blonde and can never wear the stuff. I have a chanel one that sits on my dressing table teasing me but when I try to put it on my reflection says nooooooooo and my husband echos noooooooooo!

  8. You're so funny Artemis about "looking like you work the curb"! :)
    You look way too stylish for that. Very French today.
    And at least you can stand outdoors again - the snow having gone!
    It's still here in ours but melting. That is till more comes maybe?
    Love Kat x

  9. That's so sad about those little children. I had eczema from head to toe as a child until I was 3, thankfully it wasn't the 40s and my parents hung onto me. Very tragic :-(

  10. can you add your blogg to bloglovin? (bloglovin.com) it will be much easier to follow your blog and you will get more followers too ;)

  11. Hi Alex!

    I am already on bloglovin, my logo ended up at the bottom of my blog and I hadnt got round to moving...so I will now!

    Many thanks X

  12. baked beans, custard, beer....your hubby needs to get home soon before you do something really crazy:) I'm dead impressed though that you found something to watch on t.v although I did find Hugh at River Cottage quite entertaining if only for his haircut!!

  13. Chic, chic, chic !
    I like your blog.

  14. hi artemis,. i have just found your blog down here in australia,... it is now one of my favourites! you are so stylish,..... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! pjxx