19 December 2010

the sky was on fire...

a bizarre light appeared in the sky yesterday morning, I just managed to get a few photos quickly before it disappeared. {This cat is one of Plimsolls friends}. A few hours later...a huge snow storm!

Stupidly, whilst tons of snow fell out of the sky onto central London yesterday, I decided to go Christmas shopping!
I headed to Liberty's to get some fabric for a small pressie I'm making for Nao. Afterwards we met up with a friend from Japan and then we all went for a lovely dinner in the east end with Katy & Jane  and now I feel well in the Christmas mood!

So, today I set about doing something with that twig i painted the other day. I managed to hang it on the wall above the fireplace, with some lights and vintage baubles too.

We hopefully won't be in this flat for too much longer, but I want to make the most of our first xmas as a married couple. There is a nasty 1930s fireplace in the main room which we had covered up with furniture and books, I decided to clear it out and stick some candles in it. Its not much of a roaring fire, but you gotta start somewhere right?

After spending about 3 hours in the shed making Nao's pressies, we had a nice sit by the 'fire' with a glass of wine and some stinky French Camembert. job done I say. Xmassy score 10/10


  1. I just love the last picture with your wooly feet!
    Wish you and your husband :) a merry christmas!

  2. I actually really like your fireplace! Looks so cozy in your flat!
    Enjoy your first married christmas together! God Jul from Norway! (great tree too!)

  3. I like your fire place too, very art deco. Twig looks lovely.

  4. Love the branch idea, I don't have a tree unfortunately, so this could be perfect! I also love the fireplace, reminds me of being a kid at my Gran's house for Christmas! Enjoy your first married chrimbo! x

  5. Those sky photos are amazing!
    And I like your decorations :)

  6. Gorgeous photos of that sky and I love your decorations :)

    Happy Christmas to you, your hubby and cat.

  7. The fireplace looks great. I used to think thye were ugly but the 1930's style has really grown on me lately.
    Love the tree I just restocked with a great stash of concave vintage baubles. Can never resist their charm.

  8. As always complete perfection!
    Thanks for all your inspiring posts Artemis, you are one talented lady. Wishing you both a beautiful Christmas.
    P.S. I sent my hubby a link for one of your quill necklaces, I wonder if it will be under the tree on Christmas day???!!

  9. Looks so cosy :)

  10. That sounds like the perfect day for this time of year.

  11. I love your Christmas tree or, rather, branch. And that sky shot is amazing! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas week!

  12. Our Xmas tree looks just like your decorated branch! We got a dead branch in the woods and sprayed it silver. i love the simplicity of it. Happy Xmas!

  13. It's quite funny, I've experienced some odd - but gorgeous light the last couple of week while it has been snowing like crazy. Maybe it's an actual phenomenon :)


  14. I love that Christmas twig! So inventive.