Oh baubles!

15 December 2010

ok, to start with, what a funny word is 'baubles'? secondly, they don't harf make'em like they used to!

I have yet to put these up as I am so busy, I have not time to even eat these days! mince pie for breakfast and lunch yesterday, getting home at 10pm every night, blimey! Its all good though...

Most of these I've collected from junk markets, carboots and charity shops, and some in here maybe from my Mum too. The great thing with xmas decs is, that people stuff them in the attic for years on end, accumulating, handed down in the family until one day they get cleared out by someone thinking 'what a load of old junk, I'll by some nice new ones instead' Thank goodness there are people like that eh!
I think these date to around 1930 ~ 1950s, i like the way they are faded and the tops are all rusty!

Anyway, back to work!

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