6 December 2010

New RUST little diamonds in the online shop

at long last, our 'Little diamond' collection is available in our online shop from today!
They are tiny 2.5mm & 3mm white and champagne diamonds, all set in 9ct gold.
Prices range from £140 ~ £175 click here to see our little diamond range in the shop.

Just to update you all...
I have had a mince pie every day since November 29th.

We are having a RUST open day this Friday {10th December} from 12.30pm till 8.00pm...
So please feel free to stroll on by and take a look at our jewelleries or just say hello!, no appointment needed!

I shall post more info about our open days here and on facebook too, later on in the week.

Hope to see you soon?!


  1. Well done on your mince pie consumption! And have a great time at your open day, wish I could be there but I live on the other side of the world :)

  2. beautiful, like always :) that's why I awarded you the I love your blog award http://etre-soi.blogspot.com/2010/12/prizes-and-questions.html

  3. Oh that's exciting! Now to convince someone to buy me one of your rings!
    Your work is stunning.

  4. Totally with you on the mince pies. Have you tried Konditor & Cook's - they are the best that money can buy!http://www.afternoonteatotal.com/2010/12/konditor-and-cook-my-saviours.html

  5. your blog makes my eyes so happy!!!

  6. Thank you so much for your blog - I love every minute of it but now i see that you have eaten a mince pie every day since November 29, I am COMPLETELY sold!

  7. I have really taken to your blog - thankyou! It brings some cosy relief to the 37C days working in my loft and I really love RUST, I'm thinking for my wedding band... Anyhoo lovely blogging - thanks again :)