1 December 2010

Christmas at RUST

we foraged lots of nice twigs, moss and berries from the meadow/graveyard at the back of our flat that other day. It is always good fun to get your crimbo decs for free. We also went to an amazing model making supply shop, and bought some preserved lichen {on top of well} which is used in architectural models for trees and such. It looks good but it stinks of wet dog, which is not great for a jewellery shop!
We are using scented candles to eliminate the whiff...hmm, see how it goes.

please ignore the contents of the cabinets...I haven't done them yet as a customers was due to arrive and I ran out of time...we are planning to put those little unimaginable paper creatures in these.

so, the top of the well now looks like this! logs are firewood from our local DIY shop, twigs from the woods, lichen from the model shop. I sprayed a few oak leaves gold too.

I poked some fairy lights through the lichen, they look a bit like glow worms!
I have to say, without blowing ones own trumpet, it looks much better in real life, the light was going when I took these today.

I put the real moss in a bowl and some tea cups...i think the moisture from the moss makes the jewellery tarnish quickly, that's why I needed some fake moss too.

some dead weeds sprayed gold!

in the festive mood...

so, what with the heavy snow in SE22, mince pies in bed for breakfast {oh yep} and fairy lights in every corner, I am feeling very christmassy indeed, I hope you are too?

icicles on my shed!!

Plimsoll is trying to find the same paw holes to save her tootsies from freezing.

it must be confusing for a cat.

our neighbours snowman in the meadow...

cake anyone?

we had some revolting plums sitting in our fruit bowl for a few days, so I decided to bung them in the oven with a splash of water, creme de casis and some sugar, and blimey they were so good! I never did it before so we were quite surprised how tasty they were...we had them with vanilla ice cream. *recommended*

so that's our festive round up! take all you Londoner's with slippery pavements and irate bus drivers.


  1. The display is beautiful honey. I love how the tones of the wood compliment the jewellery so well. And you can never have enough fairy lights as far as I'm concerned!

    I'm writing to say the heart necklace arrived this morning and I'm over the moon with it! It's a real rare find like you said and I shall treasure it for a long long time. It's going to go with so many outfits!

    Thanks sweetie, and I shall keep visiting your lovely place here. Seeing these pictures today along with my package I almost feel like I came by your studio in person :)

    Kat x
    (Ps loved the packaging too)

  2. My goodness, your shop looks positivley magical!

  3. The shop looks absolutely beautiful. Definitely the best Christmas decor I've seen so far.

  4. I love the feather necklace. I may need to buy myself a crimbo pressie. I think I'm going to make a trip to your shop x

  5. Magical indeed! And the snow is just gorgeous. I'd love to have a white christmas, just once. It's usually a stinking hot day here in Oz. Well in Qld anyway. Lets see what happens in Melbourne.

    Those plums look scrumptious!

    Maybe you should knit some socks for Plimsoll or find some little gumboots for her.

  6. Your shop looks fantastic, and I so enjoy all your posts. Those plums with ice cream look and sound divine!*

  7. The well looks stunning: wish I had one at my place of work now!

  8. I love how you displayed the jewelry, so pretty!

  9. oh, the shop looks beautiful now :)
    may I ask where (in London?) it is to be found?!

    happy 1st December to you!

  10. I so enjoy stopping by your blog each day. You and Nao have such a sense of style, your photography is gorgeous, and I love the jewelry. Makes me feel festive just coming by!


  11. your little workshop wonderland looks so cozy and cute...and Nao is definitely to be admired for his paper cutting skills!

  12. your shop is gorgeous!! what a great atmosphere to buy precious jewelry in!! great job!

  13. this is like a heavenly magical shop - your jewelry is so unique and your decorating is gorgeous!

  14. I just love the way the shop looks with the Christmas decorations.


  15. I love your christmas decorations so much nicer than anything bought. I love the idea of spraying the leaves and weeds gold, its very effective.