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11 November 2010

Me and Nao {sorry, Nao and I} are going to do grown up type things...we are going to the Barbican this evening to see a Japanese play. Although the play is acted by puppets, so not that grown up I suppose.

This pendant was left to me by my Grandma {Gwendolin 'Peachy' Mann} who passed away a few years ago sadly. She was quite an eccentric and I believe my mum said here last words were 'Plum cake' {not sure whether this is a family fable or not but I like to think it is true}. She was the ripe old age of 92 {I think!}. Anyway, I digress, I had this pendant for many years rattling around with some other bits and bobs from her jewellery box. I was keeping a cherry blossom in it for a while, that Nao brought back from his hometown {this was whilst we were courting y'know}. Then I found that little bow brooch pin on which to hang it, and this morning, whilst trying to dress smart like, it dawned on me to type something for it. Tiny but shiny, is what Nao had engraved in my engagement ring! Yuck! I'm sure you are thinking!

Changing the I said yesterday, I went to west end to sniff out some trousers for my stumpy pins. Sadly, I actually didn't look at any trousers and was instead engulfed with patterns, floaty fabrics and sparkly what nots...I was hypnotised and couldn't possibly buy boring old trousers, er DULL! So I came away with two dresses, {one of which I'm wearing today in the photo} and a 100% cashmere cardigan from H&M kids department £14.99, some tights and loads of Uniglo Heat Tech underwear {I'm wearing it today and it is bloody warm actually}. I am really liking all the designs in H&M at the moment, impressed well done, A + from me!
So now my wallet is lighter and easier to carry, cool!

not cool, I'm meant to be saving up for our house...doh!

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