29 November 2010

NEW RUST collection!

I'm very excited to present our new RUST collection!

We have been working on it for quite some time, and the collection just grew and grew as we kept finding more and more fascinating treasures! 
I wish sometimes I could keep everything instead, it's hard to make a living selling the things you love yourself...I hope they find happy homes where they will be loved and appreciated!
Most items are vintage one-offs, there is only one {occasionally we find more than one of the similar thing in the market} and if its vintage it will say in its title. If not, then we may be restocking at a later date.
Enough of my banter, go take a look if you can spare a few minutes! go to RUST shop > 

do you recognise these unimaginable creatures?  we found the prints in the market, Nao photocopied them, and AMAZINGLY, with a surgical scalpel, cut out the creatures so that they stand up. The pictures in the book really came to life! I thought they'd be perfect as a back drop to our photos, so I set about taking these in the workshop, and more and more creatures were appearing as Nao got really into cutting them out. I absolutely LOVE them.
Look at this moose...brilliant!

I did actually manage to cut {rather roughly!} a piece of paper with these miniature scissor...I can sharpen them to cut better, but Nao thought I should leave them as they are due to health and safety and all that, boo!

we found this tiny silver mug years ago, it didn't have a purpose in life, until it found that tea coloured quartz, now they make the perfect cuppa!

so, these days I am being super productive and bubbling with idea that keep me awake at night. I hope this lasts for a while yet. Only trouble is, I keep getting colds, one after another, do you think the two things are linked? Is all this creative juice leaving me open to cold bugs and the like? I hope not indeed, I've got more wax carving to do!

Also a big thanks to the lovely Daydream Lily who mentioned tales of a junkaholic on her blog yesterday, and subsequently, I got to meet lots of new lovely blogs...Thank you Lily XXX


  1. wow what a magical photo shoot.. I love it - looks a little like Narnia. bootiful x

  2. Great work and great styling... The jewellery is beautiful, scissors probably being my fav. :)

  3. stunning new range, I love the detail in the first piece especially!

    Well done

  4. Artemis,
    i just discovered your blog today, through Vanya jewellery.
    I am so glad i found you! i love your style and the way you repurpose beautiful vintage finds.

    I have ordered the gorgeous heart necklace from you tonight!

    Thank you for the inspiration here at your blog and i look forward to my package coming up to Newcastle in the mail,
    love Kat xox
    (from Secrets of a butterfly)

  5. I also found you via Daydream Lily & love your work! We're going to London this week, and I was wondering what the hours are for your shop? Or if it is at all open to the public. If we get time I'd love to visit!

  6. wow! your new collection is so exciting. will check it out later. :D oh i love your photography styling of this images.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words!

    Kat - oh thank you for your order! You got a real gem there! It will hopefully be dispatched today if the snow will allow!

    Thank you for reading my blog x

  8. Wow! I love your jewellery and cutouts. Amazing. :D

  9. What a collection of treasures. They look amazing with the cut-outs, like a strange, enchanted place full of jewels!

  10. Oooh wow, the new collection looks gorgeous! I just love the tea mug, the way the stone just hints at a hot cup of tea! Bootiful :) xxx

  11. This is so lovely! The animal backdrops are just perfect!

  12. Looks like I missed out on the teacup! Boo.
    Normally I'm quicker off the mark on reading your updates but was freezing my *toes* off at Kempton this morning! My loot might have been better if I'd stayed at home in the warm.
    Agree that the photography/styling/animals looks beautiful.

  13. Alexis - you have the same name as my brother! thought it was him until I read about the market...i really feel for you, we've been to kempton once in the snow too, it was insanity...you are a hardcord forager for sure!

    Thank you for your words of praise, my beady eyes are scanning for more tiny beverge containers! sadly though, thats the only one we've ever seen in all these years :( maybe I'll make a wax carving to cast?

  14. Thanks for the reply here honey.

    I shall let you know when the package arrives :)

    and hope it makes it through all the snow, we have had tons here and its still falling!
    kat xx

  15. So pretty! I love how they are arranged all about the animals. So many fantastic pieces... especially the dice necklace. :)

  16. I adore the styling and your creativeness! So fantastic. Going to check out the whole line now...

  17. Beautiful new collection, and love the way they have been displayed over all those fantastical creatures.

  18. Anonymous1.12.10

    Great, i found what i 've been lookin for

  19. Oh my goodness - you are unspeakably talented! The scissors, the idea of the animals..amazing!