23 November 2010

a gift from iceland...

the other day I received a Bucket Tree order from Iceland. Now, i do get lots of orders from US, Australia and Japan, but there's something about Iceland that made me get all excited and go gushing to the husbondo 'wow, its actually going to Iceland can you believe it, can you?'
I have a deep fascination with the place ever since being hooked on the TV series 'Nonni and Manni' when I was but a nipper.
Anyway, back to the subject...a few days after sending that little packet to Iceland, i received this in the post! A little handmade pressie all the way from actual Iceland!

a stunning tiny painting on a soft cotton square...

and look at this stamp, not only is it of the volcanic dust cloud that nearly brought the whole RUST empire down in one swoop, if that wasn't hilarious enough, the Icelandic stamp designers even made that dust cloud 3-D and shiny! Genius.

and such a lovely card full of beautiful comments that made my head very big indeed! and the button tied onto the card with thread is perfection.

and I'm totally inspired by these envelopes...so clever!

the whole thing made me blub, very touching indeed. So maybe soon we will go to Iceland, the land of volcanoes, grassy roofs, wild horses, Nonni and Manni and cool envelopes!

A million thank yous to Eydis, a real live Icelandic person, wow! XXX


  1. My word, that is the sweetest thing ever!

    I may have to steal her envelope design, it's brilliant.

  2. lovely, I like the sweet print inside of the evelope ;) so cute!

  3. Awww so sweet! I love the card, such a simple design but so effective.

  4. crazy for those envelopes!
    so simple but lovely

  5. Icelanders are some of my favorite people on this planet. Just like their home is one of my favorite places. Go, if you ever get the chance.

  6. It is all so special, beautiful and thoughtful.

  7. Anonymous23.11.10

    I'm in love with the tiny birds on that painting! And the stamp! The envelope! I'm getting creative ideas with these images. Thanks for sharing these with your readers and thanks to Eydis in Iceland!

  8. You lucky thing. did you see the Inspired by Iceland advert? It is THE BEST and will soooo make you want to head straight to the airport. If you cant find it, check out my blog, scroll down a bit adn you will find it.


  9. Oh wow, that made me go all shy and smiley :)

    Oh! I was hooked on Nonni and Manni too! Have only a faint memory of what it was all about, though :)

    I must say, I merely hoped to bring a little smile to your face, I had no idea you would like this so much. You are a gem! And I meant every word in that card!

    I had such fun making those envelopes, I suspect I'll be making many more of those in the future. I actually intended to send the whole thing in the bigger of the two brown envelopes, but the lady at the post office said it wasn't allowed to send such small envelopes (I've always had a thing for small envelopes, they give me a thrill, oddly enough).

    The envelope design comes directly from the bank's junk mail, you know the type, where they try to be economical with printing directly on the envelope. My genius younger brother was calculating the design of it for fun, and he made it look so easy, which was what got me into trying it out. Basically, just do a perfect square and then four half-circles on each side. Doing this with a ruler and a circle stencil or compass-drawing-circle would basically look something like this: http://twitpic.com/39vj5d - Or a simplified version

    Then fold it along the square edges and use a sticker or stick a cut-out-paper of choice to seal it. I did consider using a wax seal but forgot all about it when I sealed it.

    It's really easy to do and heaps of fun! I love knitting, painting, crafting, etc. but don't do nearly enough of it, I always seem to run out of time and the weeks just fly by. But it wasn't hard to find time to make these envelopes, and it's easy to customise them in all sort of ways.

    Ooops, sorry to write so much on here, was just gonna write a few short lines... I should have gone to sleep two hours ago and I tend to ramble when I'm tired :)

    Oh, also, I just wanted to add, wow, all of you commenting, what wonderful sentiments! I'm in awe of you lovely people!

    Alex York, I love the print inside too! It's from the remains of a giftwrap roll my mom used for presents to me and my siblings throughout my childhood.

    Sorry, yes, I'm stopping now :)

  10. wow those envelopes ARE something! I find Iceland fascinating too. It doesn't have an army!