1 November 2010

ewok cat

what an odd looking cat...

 ...I met on the way to our workshop today.

what is it about pedigree cats? that always act like they are too clean to be stroked by a filthy human. I used to get this feeling when I worked next to the cosmetics counters in Selfridges many moons ago. those skinny 8ft tall girls all dressed in black, with their perfect hair and nails looking me up and down like I was something the cat dragged in!  I knew that job was not for me!

well, anyhow...here is a nice ring that left for Tokyo today. It's a customers wedding ring, one of many that get dispatched to our Japan shop every week. Rather like how the writing is large and with a black diamond in between...nice choice!

 and, slowly but surely,  our 'little diamond' collection is nearly finished. I'll tell you a bit of a secret...shhhh....

but, I want every piece of this collection. thats the trouble when you are jewellery designers...you just make all the things that you want, but you can't have everything! Soon the necklaces will be ready too, and I'm hoping I'll get one for xmas if i behave myself! It is a little Champagne diamond on a REALLY fine sparkly gold chain. I'll never take it off! 
Fingers crossed, I will show you them this week in finer detail. Then they should be in the online shop before xmas too.

sorry to mention xmas when it is only just november! we always have to think one season ahead in this business!


  1. Yeah pedigreecats can have that hautain look, but check out my pedigreecat: http://knoopjes.blogspot.com/2010/10/cobus.html He's the one on the left... :)
    I really should ask my boyfriend to "pop" the question, just looking at those rings I want wedding!

  2. We have one of those cats living next door to us (she's called baby but we call her grey face). Sometims she stares in the window at night, scary! (Shes sometimes friendly in the day time though, she has very soft fur when she *occasionally* agrees to be stroked :) )

  3. What a funny cat! He's got some awesome eyes. I looove the way your rings are displayed on the cards :)

  4. i kind of love that cat. personality plus! and i love how the rings are styled. they are just beautiful.

  5. I love that little dainty ring in your card collection ... so pretty :)

    haha at that haughty cat!

  6. snooty cat - just like the girls in Selfridges. I used to work in a department store like that and I know just what you mean...
    Love the rings too!

  7. oh I looove that cat, I used to have one just like that before it's a british shorthair and they are nicer than other cats they are sweet :)
    Love the idea of displaying rings on play cards !

  8. My friend used to have a cat like that, always used to walk around the house looking very regal!