13 November 2010

cups & a cunning cat

Oh how lazy I have been today...out of bed at 11.30...down the caff by 12.30...superdrug & primarni for tights then back to bed for 17.00. Tea + choccy biccy + James Bond + blog, then tortellini or Indian Takeaway for dinner! Its TERRIBLE! I was meant to do so much today.
Anyway, I found some nice tights/socks/jeans/t shirts to add to my winter wardrobe. Tomorrow I hope to be adding some new stock to The Bucket Tree {fingers crossed!}.
I took these photos of around our flat during the last couple of days. I like the reflection in our cupboard, during one super sunny morning...

these cards, which we used at our wedding, are now adorning our wall...

also, I just wondered if it is only us that have the most moody, unpredictable cat?
she hisses to me about five times a day. Sometimes she is the picture of feline friendliness, purring away all doe eyed...then the next minute she is like the Tasmanian devil, all teeth and claws! Lately she finds catching my feet, her new past time. As I walk into the room, she is hiding just waiting for her attack. Or, just sticks her arm out, just when I'm walking past her basket...to trip me up no doubt!
I can tell that she spent a long time planning her moves, and seems to revel in her glorious success, and my claw-punctured foot. She makes no such attack at Nao, and I am beginning to take it very personally.

EVIL. What can I do to stop this terrorising cat!

* I should mention that I love Plimsoll to bits even though she takes pleasure watching me suffer.


  1. Oh my... Could you PLEASE tell me where you got that fabulous cat basket?????


  2. I was about to ask the same question as Karen! That cat basket is delightful!

    I emphasise with the feet attacking issue, my kitty waits for me to go and make my early morning cuppa, then unleashes an attack on my ankles. I've found getting his breakfast first saves on claw marks!

  3. Seems to be the season for badly behaved cats! Ours, who is normally quite feral and outside-ish has taken to sleeping on the bed at night and making like an angry cactus every time we move. Could shut him out I suppose, but he does look very cute tucked up on the blankets!

  4. My cats, Cecil and Percival, have conspired together to wake me up incrementally throughout the night, knowing that I get precious little sleep as it is. This is how they exert their dominance over me. Their plot involves sitting on top of my stack of books on my nightstand and batting at my lamp shade until it either wakes me or the lamp falls over onto my head. Then, they bat at my books, glasses, and other items on the nightstand, knocking them off onto the floor one by one. It's maddening! But, how i love them still!

  5. Our big ginger one is evil too - especially on the stairs when I am carrying an armful of laundry. He's figured out that I am defenceless then!

  6. This cat sounds fabulous. I love how cats can be so nice one moment and then crazy the next. What I appreciate the most about their nature is their sense of control. They will always let you know when they are the boss. Maybe try a little toy with a bell, even on a string so you could dangle it above her basket when she's least expecting it...

  7. My friend has a cat who does that too, suddenly gets moody and attacks him. I have no idea why!

  8. Pets often get more attached to the human in the house who is the opposite sex of themselves. I suppose this means some sort of bizarre love triangle, but it would appear that she's jealous of you, and wants Nao to herself?!

  9. I actually burst out laughing when I saw those pictures of Plimsoll! Too funny! I agree with everyone, LOVELY cat basket, especially with the bunting! The cards in the frame are so nice too, random but is there any reason behind your name?
    Also mendy - your cat names are terrific!xox

  10. gorgeous cups and such a cute cat you have! looks just like the one I had about 10 years ago. =)

  11. Hi, love your blog. Our ginger is usually warm and affectionate, but occasionally the hunt drive comes out.... it's just the nature of cats I guess!

  12. Hey there, Artemis! I happen to have the same cat basket which I purchased at a flea market around Hannover for a delirious sum of 4 Euros. There's plenty of them at German eBay as well (Katzenkorb Rattan).
    Sorry to hear Plimsoll is being such a hisser. My cat changed sides a while ago and became my boyfriend's cat instead of being my little darling. To think that I carried her with me everywhere when she was a baby! I might get myself a cat psychology book one day to find out why it's happening (although I do have that little idea about him taking a shower far too seldom :)
    I'm in love with that Artemis N Nao picture, it's such an inspiration! Thank you and greetings from sunny Germany,
    Frau Mayer

  13. rest assured, you are not the only one with a moody cat. our cats are the same way. we have one who stretches, with her belly exposed looking so cute, and then when you touch her she cries as if she's being tortured. why be so cute if you don't want attention?! i think cats are just living in a different world...one that we will never understand.

  14. Hi Artemis
    Than you for writing your wonderful blog. It cheers me up every day.
    I love cats too, even though I ended up with an eye infection this week after stroking the cheeky cat on our street. I jest not, the doctor told me so and gave me antibiotics! Cheeky cat!

  15. P.S My little girl loves the pics of Plimsoll sticking her arm out! She keeps doing impressions of her.

  16. Anonymous14.11.10

    Hi this is classic attention seeking cat behaviour, it's hard but if you can ignore it and give her no attention when she does it she will get tired of it......maybe....she is a cat after all!
    I'd also try some Plimsoll Time were she gets to play with you and has one to one attention.
    I used to work for a big animal charity and our behaviourist worked with a cat who was so bad at feet/leg attacking her owner took to wearing chaps around the house so she could ignore the pain!!
    Good luck x

  17. Love those teacups. Your cat is so naughty but cute, cats have real personalities I find.

  18. Brenda16.11.10

    I don't doubt your tale of Plimsoll being in attack mode, but that last picture has her looking pretty chill. My ginger guy, Pellinore, loves to take that pose with both paws extended straight out when he's mellow. I just discovered your site and I love your photos!