14 November 2010

Bucket Tree update

a shop update! there will be 12 new items on the bucket tree, including this edwardian blouse and 70s fruit bowl! I am also selling some of my own loved treasures which has been a strain to part with, but i came to the decision that i need to down side my stuff, so someone else should appreciate them instead!

these will all be available tonight at 10.00pm GMT! that all folks : )


  1. I wish I wasn't saving for my wedding so that I could scoop everything up, but admiring online will have to do. I hope they go to good homes for you, I know it's hard to part with things sometimes :)

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  3. Oh, the birds! Oh, the accordian! It makes me wonder what treasures you're holding on to. :) xx

  4. beautiful stuffs. . looks like all the birds are singing on your ground