sunday {part two}

10 October 2010

 so...after my photo taking in the woods, i thought i'd take the camera indoors too! this pumpkin weighs exactly the same as my head, I know this because I put them both on the scales after noticing their similar size. Later today, I'm going to make it into a lantern! Then I suppose i can find out what my brain might weigh.
Also, some more of my washing...two jumpers and two blankets {blankets are for the bucket tree soon!}

these jeans are from a charity shop, and yes I chopped them off this summer.
the boots and satchel below are also recently found for the bucket tree, the boots are fabulous 1970s riding boots and although they are too big for me, I can't help ponder whether i should sell them are not. Maybe if they don't sell within two weeks, then I'm keeping them!
Happy sunday folks!

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