10 October 2010

sunday {part one}

 I have been washing all my newly found knitwears this week and today my new favourite jumper was dry, so thought I show it to the world {that's you}. As I'm really getting into photography more and more these days, I decided to make a bit of photo album about my jumper! I took these in the meadow/cemetery behind our flat, the sunlight was amazing.

 jumper : ebay, 1930s dresses : french flea market, belt : primark, tweed hat : flea market, celluloid elephant : flea market, boots : river island


  1. Love it! Bet the person who put that jumper on ebay is kicking themselves now! I am going to River Island to get those boots!
    Jo xxx

  2. Great photos. I love your vintage jumper, it goes so perfectly with the 1930's dresses, looks like Nao has competition!

  3. Love the jumper, great find. But the pumpkin is something else! Must of taken ages. Looks fabbie!

  4. Love the photos!...the riding boots ummmm I think you should keep! they look amazing with the jeans!
    your blog is soooo gorgeous I love all your fashion bits and bobs!..sorry that sounded a bit naff...it is such a wee slice of escapism from where I live...the closest slightly large town is 1and 1/2 hours away! not that I am complaining!! I love it! but sometimes a girl needs a bit of ummm fashion? we do have trademe!(like ebay) but its not quite the same as having a wee rummage?
    take care Artemis
    Edwina x

  5. Love the whole outfit but I adore the little elephant necklace! It reminds me of the ivory elephant Mary Lennox had in The Secret Garden.

  6. you look amazing!