16 October 2010

shop photos etc.

been pootling about with the new camera today, I thought I needed some photos of clothes and bag in relation to human size {well my size which is about 5ft 1 inch!}. This 1920s cotton blouse is available in The Bucket Tree as we speak! Also, so is this basket below...

so tasks for tomorrow are, to take photos of the Bucket Tree stock so that I can hopefully update the shop next week. Also i did some trial photos of our RUST wedding/diamond rings for the forthcoming brochure that we are having made in Japan. The sun kept going in and out every second today, and it was hard work adjusting the exposure every time, so tomorrow is meant to be really sunny all day, so I should hopefully get some sharper results. But for now, I quite like these... by the way, they are really pale because I often find that when photos are printed, they come out a lot darker than on the screen.

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  1. your camera is magical! rings even levitate!!!
    brilliant details

  2. Wow, I have a massive crush on that lace blouse. Shame its a little out of my price range at the moment. I hope it goes to a great home!

  3. Thanks for linking to me, darling! I am in LOVE with that 20's blouse... want want want! Your blog is a lovely treat.

    Ashley (www.ashleyording.com)

  4. wow. I just discovered your blog and I'm totally smitten. That blouse is a real beauty also. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your diamond rings so much. I hope I will get one of those for some sort of anniversary or other occasion ( hint hint to my husband, who introduced me to your blog):)

  6. again,; love your jewellery...