purple bat

22 October 2010

did you know that purple is my favourite colour? well, you do now. it seems to go with everything, especially gold and brown I think. had a few spare hours this morning whilst waiting for the gas man {actually it doesn't take the two of us to be there, but y'know, we worked late again last night to be fair}. thought I'd venture out to the woods at the back of our flat again. actually its a graveyard but I try to not think about that bit!

this dress is a recent find, two things I like about it are: its really warm and soft, and the colour of course.
however, its a bit if a tent, so it may have another life as a shorter more fitted dress once my eager paws have got the scissors to it! I guess it is from the late 1970s/early 80s judging by those bat wings! Amazing and a bit scary too. by the way, that necklace is available to order from us at RUST, we don't have it in stock as I made it for my wedding {we used to have it in silver}, its 9ct gold with a large freshwater pearl and gold feather, I wear it nearly everyday. that belt I'm wearing is a fave too, it the most realistic fake leather! even Nao had to do is sniffing test before he could believe it! I've had it for years...it came from Primarni for about £2. the white brogues are from Kate Kanzier, who's shop is yards from our jewellery shop {they should really pay me for the amount of times I've mentioned them by now!}.

not just bat wings, but balloon sleeves too! I could take off if there was a sudden breeze.

so enough of my prancing about the woods...I'd better get back to some work, ....yawn.

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