15 October 2010

new camera love.

today our new camera arrived! ...we have been umming and arrhing about some new wedding ring photos for our new brochure for Japan, and the photos we have already are just not cutting the mustard. USUALLY I'm the first to say that, cameras don't take photos, people do, and that you can get a great photo with any crap camera if you are skilled enough.
However, I have been lusting after a Canon for a while after a photographer friend recommended me, but it was a sky high in budget for us, however, when I glimpsed at it on Amazon the other day, it has dropped dramatically in price since last year...now it is safely in my paws!

these are the first piccies I took with it, seconds after scrabbling about in the box for the battery and memory card. They are just quick snaps, so don't cast your critical eye just yet, but wow, what a difference to our last camera! Normally I'd need to use some extra lighting to take these in our workshop, and then fiddle about on photoshop trying to get the colouring right. But now...no need! I can spend that time drinking tea and munching biscuits instead.

I am VERY excited {can you tell?} ...so now I have to take about 1000 photos of rings, I may not sound so excited after that, maybe : )

p.s. if you are interested in photography things, then i will be posting info about our cameras on my 'about' page soon.


  1. I adore my Canon, I got mine on Amazon this summer. Such a deal! If you're looking for other lenses to go with it the 50mm f/1.8 is amazing. Like... AMAZING. And the Sigma line of lenses is also quite good and most of them work with the Canon DSLRs.

    Great shots! I love looking at your jewelry :)

  2. Oh yes, I am a photography person, so please do share all the geeky info.
    I have to say, I always thought your other photos were very nice too, what was your old camera?

  3. Great photos! Your jewelery is beautiful! I just got a new little leica, I call my spy camera. Have fun! Love your photos!!

  4. So is your Canon full frame? Because if not the 50mm f1.4 is definitely perfect for you, acts like a 70mm and lovely for your kind of close up photography. ALL my blog pics are taken on a canon 7d with a fixed 50mm lense.

  5. How funny... I agree with ur conclusion... you still need a good eye , but a nice camera helps! Very clear details... is it for studio photos then? I still have not made my mind up :).... hummmmmm

  6. You're old camera takes brilliant shots. Am very interested in knowing all about the new camera though.
    BTW, am lusting after that crown ring in the first pic. Love it!

  7. I love my Canon although it's quite an oldie - 350D. I have a tele lense (300 mm) ad it's amazing for taking close-up pictures. A few years ago I took a picutre of a friend's ring and developed it myself to a dimension of 24x30 inches. She got it as a birthday present and it was still sharp! amazing. What lense are you using Artemis?

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