6 October 2010

Nao's attire...

a commenter mentioned that they'd like to see some more of Nao's attire up here on MY blog!
well, i suppose it's ok.
Nao is half stereo-typical snazzy Japanese and half stereo-typical British Grandad style. However and whatever, he usually pulls this off with a degree of panache that us boring Brits can only aspire to.
This is what I caught him wearing yesterday morning...

{ wool jacket : from expensive shop in Japan,  jeans : vintage levis,  plimsolls : primark,  pin stripe  Grandad shirt : primark,  Grandad stylie knitted tank top : flea market,   navy blue cardigan underneath : primark! }

correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that ring is by those clever people at RUST.

I shall be posting some more of Nao's clothes soon! He has a large collection of vintage jackets, knitwear and scarves woven by Moi!

p.s. I think he replaced the dark brown leather buttons on that jacket with black leather buttons instead. I really don't know why, but there you go.

p.p.s. Nao {pronouced 'Now'} came from a small fishing town in the north of Japan's main island, not off the coolio streets of Tokyo, so it looks like it's just in the blood {or in the rice and seaweed?}

p.p.p.s also see this post here.


  1. One Froggy Evening6.10.10

    Oh, so you both are from similar harbor (and fishing) communities, just half-way around the world from one another!

    And thanks so much for this post. Nao does have great style, and those replacement buttons are one example. I noticed them immediately and thought them to be unusual and modern on what is otherwise the typical blue jacket. Men just don't have as much latitude with what they wear as the ladies, so the little touches make a big impact.

    Thanks again!

  2. I have also been thinking to myself that Nao is a very well dressed Mister. Thanks for sharing this - I might leave this page open for my other half to get inspired by.

  3. I'm glad someone else asked you to post pictures of Nao's combos. I was dying to do it, since his style is fantastic and seems effortless. I hate him and his perfection.

  4. Anonymous7.10.10

    Great texture on the Grandpa vest. In fact, a fine look for fall.

  5. I can see you don't have to say 'you're not going out in THAT' to Nao, like I do with hubby, he always looks so stylish!
    Would love to see some pics of your every day wear mixed with vintage to inspire us.

  6. Conker championships on Hampstead Heath on Saturday afternoon apparently!