7 October 2010

Nao today.

Nao this morning...wearing vintage army trousers, and scarf woven by me! Nao also has a few vintage British army watches, which it seems, are a better investment than gold these days. He even started making army watch straps in leather with sterling silver buckle, which I think he is planning to sell soon. ...Oh boys.

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  1. One Froggy Evening7.10.10

    Another great look, Nao! It's definitely something my husband would go for since it's very masculine and stylish but unfussy. Of course, I don't know the first thing about weaving, so the scarf would be difficult to copy.

    I think I saw the watch straps on your Japanese Rust site (check out the Google English translation sometime for a smile!). The key chains are also pretty nifty, so I would definitely be in favor of seeing them offered on London Rust.