lucky car boot finds...

24 October 2010


quite remarkably, Mr Junkaholic and I, rose out of bed at an ungodly hour in the beating rain to go to a car boot sale yesterday. there was hardly anyone there and only a third of the sellers had turned up. things were not looking favourable. but we did our usual digging, in draws of old pants and vests, in damp boxes and in rusty tool boxes etc... we managed to come away with a mammoth haul of goodies!
I spied a canvas looking item {my eyes are finely tuned to find anything canvasy looking at markets!} and worked out that it was some kind of tent. for a few squid, it was worth the risk as the bag it came in was worth that. but look look look, its a beautiful old tent that is all tickety-boo. i managed to squeeze it into our tiny garden, it is not quite put up correctly due to the concrete in places under the gravel, but you get the idea.

I found that bear too, which if it survives the washing machine, will be appearing on the bucket tree.
We also found the two lanterns, breadboard, jug, two folding chairs and wooden mallet.
We bought too much to photograph, but in the rest of the load were; some children's school chairs, an anglepoise desk lamp, blankets, 1920s silk dress, suitcase, books, and a squillion other bits and bobs for the shop. lovely.

this label was attached the tent, so I think it must be 1970s?
it cost £3.40, but before February it was...£3.75! that's a whole saving of 35p. wow, enough for a curlywurly.

the mallet and the blue tool roll I found seperately at the same car boot for 30p but they looked so nice it the set, they belonged together.

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