2 October 2010

a lazy morning surprise

after a supremely busy week and lots of missed sleep, it is so nice to wake up and think 'today, I'm going to do nothing!'. Actually it is just after 1pm and still I have not had a bath, {although I have just been to the post office, but that is just 50 yards from our flat}.
Nao looked very serene this morning, moving his chair to the doors to gain maximum sun without actually going into the garden.

Plimsoll however was busting some moves on the bed, getting to all those hard to reach places, I think she should go for 2012 Olympic gymnastics. She's good at walking on fences and doing backflips too.

Anyway, I digress. This morning I had the delight of opening this fabulous parcel! In fact, I received it last night, but I wanted to take photos before opening it, so i needed some light. Just look at this guy!! It's hysterical, that shirt is called 'Mr. Big' for 'the king size man' I'm guessing this is from America!

In fact this is from my lovely blog friend in Holland, who's recently been to her friends wedding, all the way to Reno. I loved her photos she took there.
I'm quite in awe of this wrapping paper too, it looks like vintage wallpaper, can you imagine a nice big room with dusty wood floors, this wallpaper and an old wonky desk and chair by a window {Can you tell I am dreaming of buying our first place, oh one day I hope}.

JR Ewing? so they do really exist! Just look at that blouse, my cat has a similar look actually.

can it get any better than that? OH YES...look at this amazing photo, I love the fact that there are massive hard working horses next to the {relatively speaking} modern car, I wonder what them horses are thinking?

and look look look! a little pressie inside, how beautiful! This little square has sparked of some creative chemicals in my brain. Time to get my loom out and start weaving with bits of recycled jersey. I love the colours in this, when you look at it close up, its just like a painting. It is also very tactile, so i think this technique would also be great for a little rug or a bag maybe?

In real life, im not very good at finding friends that are like minded, or even ones that aren't! I guess Im just too lazy and maybe a bit shy at socializing with people I don't know.
This is a major fault of mine. However, I think that Blogland is my life line, I get best of both worlds...getting to know people who seem to know me better than anyone in real life and I don't even have to leave home, in fact even think of what to wear and how I'm going to get back afterwards or anything to interrupt my lazy weekend...yet I can still see what they are up to, or send a message, or see a photo of what they are making/baking or finding!

So a little pressie means so much when it is from someone who I've never met, yet it is so absolutely perfectly me...and even gets me squealing like a pig when I spy it by the front door.
So a big thank you blogger friend! I damn well like your style!

on with the lazy routine,...a lazy breakfast!

she always has to check that here is no 'Sheba finest cuts of tuna with prawn', in my fruit.

By the way, please don't think I'm some healthy naturelle goddess or any such nonsense, I've got a large box of 'Triple Belgian chocolate chip biscuits' for later. Happy weekend bloggians!


  1. And a very happy lazy weekend to you, too. The mat is so cheerful and colourful. What a lovely suprise
    The wonderful thing about making friends in blogland - especially for people like me whose mouth tends to speak without brain's permission - is that I can THINK about what I've said in the written word before I send it. It's so much easier not to put my foot in it. In real life I should belong to BlabbermouthsAnonymous. xx

  2. Blogland is a beautiful thing. I have found many dear friends here. Some I have met, some I have yet to, and some I will never meet, but that's ok too.

    Then I joined Twitter, and took it to the next level. Wow, in a very short span of time I've hooked up with real people, who live close by and who share secrets and sense of humor with me. We drink lots of wine too. It's lovely.

  3. What a fantastic pressie. I love the colours. Yes this blog land business is amazing like that! Still learning the ropes. Have a great weekend! xxx

  4. what a great gift! i'm a sucker for beautiful packaging, it seems so much more thoughtful :)
    i've been checking your blog for a few months and realised i haven't congratulated you on your wedding. congratulation! it looked like a wonderfully intimate day

  5. That's a lovely gift and I love the packaging, that was a treat too!

  6. i like your lazy weekend.
    i totally agree with you about blogofriends, the pressies from them are always the best!

  7. I've been reading your blog for some time now and just want to say how I thoroughly enjoy it! Firstly, I believe your Plimsoll and my Perceival to be twin kitties separated at birth, so always fun to see what onery-ness Plimsoll is up to. Secondly, I very much like your style and love to get great ideas from all the wonderful pictures you post. Thirdly, I'm very interested in photography, decorating my little house, and thrift store finds, and so your blog is just very entertaining to me. I will keep reading!

  8. Phew! Glad you clarified that! I don't feel so bad about tucking into my peanut butter on white toast now!!

  9. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is too lazy and or too shy to find new friends! It seems so much easier to find kindred spirits in blogland don't you think? Your little parcel is gorgeous. Love the old photos especially :)

  10. I just love lazy weekends! Isn't it great to drink your coffee and have your cerelas still in your pijamas? In fact, I am a huge fan of your blog and I think I have a piece of an artistic soul within me, just too lazy to actually do something more advanced than a pair of earings!Anyway, the matt you got is absolutely beautiful - I epsecially like the texture - seems so soft I want to touch my cheek with it!

  11. One Froggy Evening3.10.10

    Your new banner is very cool! Is that fabric yours?

    Also, the picture of Nao facing the window is really stunning and well composed. Great lighting and the stacked chairs and chair back create intersting lines. And, of course, Nao is always such a stylish man! Might I be so bold as to suggest a guest post about his vintage wardrobe and accessories?
    Happy Lazy Weekend!

  12. oh...you should definitely get out your loom! what a divine pressie. I wholeheartedly agree about blogland.

  13. I love reading about your lazy weekend days- I wouldn't trade my little-ones for the world, but oh how I miss those pre-kids lie-ins. Smashing parcel, you lucky duck xx

  14. Aah what a lovely present, such cheery colours, especially as the days get colder and darker.