28 October 2010

Junkaholics at her Majesty's Pleasure

good lord, what happened? just one blog this week. Here's a recap of the highlights...

Mr & Mrs {or Mrs & Mr!} Rust, were invited to a seminar at the Goldsmiths Hall, hosted by the London Assay office. For those who haven't the foggiest what that is...well if you sell precious metals in Britain, you need to have each one stamped at the Assay office to prove they are the genuine real deal metals. If you do not, then you may have your skin removed and nailed to the door of your jewellery shop {truth!} or simply have your head cut off at Her Majesties pleasure.

Although I love the hallmarks and their associated history, I'm not so impressed with how many mistakes the Assay Office make generally, like, ahem ahem, stamping Platinum as Silver or vice versa, or completely ruining a piece of jewellery so that it has to be remade in two days. The Assay Office are not liable to pay any compensation for these errors yet charge us a fortune for the service. I sometimes feel that skinning and beheading WOULD be an option for compensation for such mistakes don't you think?
Anyway, all that said they are a nice bunch really, and they usually do stamp the right metals with the right stamps and meet our very demanding requests! We both really enjoyed the seminar and the delightful lunch they laid on for us. I managed to keep my complaints behind buttoned lips thank god.

Nice to see that our money doesn't go to waste, check out the light fittings in this place...

...{and no, this is not inside St. Paul's Cathedral. This is the Goldsmiths Hall}....

it was like being at school again, sitting and listening for half a day...afterwards we needed refreshments fast...we crossed the wobbly foot bridge to the Tate's Caff...

We downed a cream tea...

 ...then Nao's eyes began to glaze over, I knew it was time for home.

we were treated to a view of Venice,

 ...London I mean.

other events this week included...

tiding my desk ready for me to start typing my memoirs...

finding this robotic bird underneath all the rubbish.
I should mention that I did not tidy the rest of the room that's why there is no wide shot here.

and more bucket tree, and wrapping and posting...wow, what a job that is! Its like the night before Christmas every day...I am one very knackered Santa.

So that's the week, just one more day to go, lovely! X


  1. Wow! You are one busy Mr & Mrs! Your posts always make me smile.

  2. One Froggy Evening28.10.10

    Artemis, that is fascinating about the Assay office. Do you have to take every piece of jewelry to them for stamping after it is already made? I've wondered how that works, so thanks!

  3. yes, i love the birdie. i have the same in a dark brown cage. but i've never made it sing. did you?

  4. The assay office always fascinates me! I have this opinion that it's like Gringots in Harry Potter..!!

  5. Gha! I've been gone for awhile, but just caught up, and I was delighted to see the blog design change! It's beautiful, absolutely lovely!

  6. Great pics :-) I'm jealous about visiting the Tate in a weekday!!!!!! Check the barbican Japanese fashion exhibition :-) xxx

  7. That's a photo diary of my walk to and from work...minus the cream tea! Funny, I might have walked past you!

  8. your photos definitely rocks the scene. Plus I love the mixed textures in your outfit :)

  9. Mmm, I think those Goldsmiths chandeliers need pruning, they look overcrowded with lustres - I could make use of the prunings properly.