30 October 2010

happy horror

happy Halloween peeps! not much happening this weekend so a bit quite on the blogging front. Nao was in the bath so long I seriously thought he'd drowned. Plimsoll keeps trying to catch my feet as if they are two squirrels or something, and I'm watching Rod Stewart on the telly wondering how on earth someone looks like that and seems to attract the laydees, extraordinary.
APART from that, I've have been collating some more Bucket Tree stock and doing the photos...so hopefully some more will be added to the shop tomorrow!

as you may have notice I have been a tad more active in the Bucket Tree shop of late. well, I'll tell you why...
firstly, our tiny flat is getting a bit like my Gran's house. Secondly, we are trying to save up for a bigger house, yes that's right, our own bricks and mortar {or cardboard and newspaper!}. So we are doing all we can to add to our pot. I think its an absurd amount of money that we have to save but we are having a stab at it.

last night I watched some revolting horror films, not like the ones I watched as a kid, with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Oh no, these are just nasty, vulgar and graphic. I had to watch the shopping channel on ITV to get rid of the images in my head. My word that shopping channel stuff is like brain washing...I need everything on there!

ANYways, that's enough, I think I've had to much wine and its time for bed.


  1. Good luck with the clear out and with the housey deposit.

    It must be really hard to get a start on that ladder these days, keep plugging a way you'll get there x

  2. I love your posts! And I love Plimsoll, one happy and cute cat. xxx

  3. That's exciting to be getting on the road to your own house, good luck with saving. Thanks also for adding a link to my site in your sidebar! I really like your blog :)

  4. Haha, I totally agree about the shopping channel, I find by the end of the show, I want whatever they are selling regardless of how hideous it is!!

  5. One Froggy Evening31.10.10

    Those Hammer films and the ones from 1930s and 40s Hollywood are the only ones I can watch at Halloween!

  6. Ha ha - I watched that Rod Stewart problem and wondered the exact same thing!!

  7. Anonymous26.11.10

    I really see no better choice, but to say yes, I agree. Let's all jump on the bandwagon.
    Let's clean up this mess of a forum and start posting meaningful stuff, shall we?
    I once was a boy and now I'm a girl. Do you know what if feels like?
    Look at me I'm posting comments. Feels good, I hope my ramblings don't get removed by the admins :)

    Back up my hard disk? I can't find the reverse switch!