8 October 2010

findings and diamonds and new things

some more bits and bobs to tell you about ... these little diamond ear studs are new to the shop today.
They are the first part of a new collection of super simple diamonds which we are hoping to keep within a £150 ~ £250 price range, so that you don't have to be as rich as Lord Sugar to wear a diamond!
These studs are set in 9ct gold, and from personal experience, its really hard to find just the right studs that are not too big or surrounded with lots of metal. These are light and extremely sparkly, AND diamond is all you see!
The brilliant cut diamonds are 2.5mm diameter and they cost £240 per pair, available online soon.

also, a new Rose~cut platinum ring design, a full eternity that is very narrow and elgant with a just the right amount of sparkle so that you don't end up looking like Zsa Zsa Gabor! {price yet to be confirmed} I reckon this would make a beautiful wedding band...

more news... I found this book in a charity shop today and it was love at first sight! I'm always on the look out for attractive books to use as display or for photographing our jewellery on. I love the way it looks with this little box that we've had for a while now...it's been sitting in a drawer for the past few years, but now it has a partner and they are working together to present my business cards on our wedding ring table. Ah.

not only that but when I looked inside, the book has a story called 'the hidden flower' seems to be set in Japan during the war. I love the illustrations on each page...

other stories in the book are 'the dam busters' and 'a fatal woman' about a female spy of course! What a lethal combo, female/spy. And, am I still allowed to enjoy those old British war flicks or is not p.c. these days? I love the theme tune to that film and all that jolly Britishness, I'm sure it was all propaganda but what the heck!

I also bought some new plants fro the shop, I love these heathers, when you look close up the flowers are tiny little bells.

And, as during tea making the other day, I stupidly dropped a used teabag right onto my suede boot, leaving a tea bag shaped splat on my right foot, I decided to pop along to Kate Kanzier and see whats on offer...I came away with these brogue boots, all leather, £40 Ka-ching!

...soooo....I been beavering away on the compooter too this week, check out the new look Bucket Tree, and RUST sites!

that's all folks! it was a longer post than I'd intended...have a lovely weekend, I hear there is a conker tournament on Hampstead Heath on Sunday! {thanks Becky x}


  1. Anonymous8.10.10

    I have a question. Where do you source your diamonds? Are they ethical? Or do they come from mines in Sierra Leone and other such diamonds mines in Africa? I am sure you wouldnt get them from there, but would be nice to know.

  2. Hi Anonymous!

    According to our stone supplier, all their stones have been sourced ethically and conflict-free.

    At the moment, only Ivory Coast has cases of rebel forces controlling their diamond production. Sierra Leone and most of the African diamond producing countries are now not suffering from conflicts funded by diamonds.

    You can find our more about this on websites such as 'the Kimberley Process'.

    have a good weekend! x

  3. Lovely heathers and new ring!

  4. you are so right, it is hard to find an honest pair of diamond earrings which are not swamped by a tacky mount. love the honesty of your new blog layout...

  5. Those diamond studs are superb. They wouldn't look out of place no matter where you wore them.

  6. What beautiful diamond studs (and I'm loving that book). But mainly I wanted to say, where has Kate Kanzier been all my life? Thank you so much for introducing me to her!

  7. i have just been looking at your blog and what a lovely blog you have, your photos and diamonds are so lovely, they do say a diamonds is a girls best friend and i totally agree.