7 October 2010

bits and bobs and unseasonal weather

I have so much stock to add to the bucket tree that it will take me quite a few days to get round to it. I recently came by these lovely wooden finger puppets, so beautifully hand painted and i love the vintage fabric outfits! The granny puppet has a really cool white bun, and look at those blond pig-tails!

Also found this doll too, which I believe was made in Poland around the 1950/60s. So much detail went into these handmade kids toys, it's very inspiring i think.

this satchel is a bit of a treasure too, all hand illustrated with a swallow eating blackberries from the bushes...its even signed at the bottom!

So the week so far has not been quite as productive as I'd of liked due to some computer stuff which didn't go according to plan, but never mind.

I hope all you Brits are planning something nice to do on Saturday as it seems {according to the beeb anyway} we are going to have a second mini summer, with temperature set to reach 24 dergrees! Maybe a spot of sunbathing? or we might visit a city farm or Hamstead heath, or maybe just lie in the meadow...what a treat hey! {except our workshop building has just turned on the communal central heating for the winter}

Also, I've just sorted myself a new batch of vintage knitwear for the coming winter, so I hope to get them all washed and maybe show you's all...I have to launder all the blankets that we found for the bucket tree too...I don't think i will be in the mood for winterwear this weekend but we'll see.


  1. I read this as bits and boobs! Sorry, i'll get out of the gutter now.

    Really?!! Is it going to be that hot on sat? Blimey... off to the beach then!

    Looking forward to the knit wear... you aren't handwashing them are you? What a nightmare! God luck lou x

  2. I'm from Poland and this dool looks definitely like something from my country! Most likely it belonged to a very lucky daughter of some high-up official, as there were hardly any toys in Poland at that time. My grandma told me they were making their own toys from buttons and string, or knitting dolls themselves! good find though and very tempting indeed !

  3. Hi Gosia,
    Thats very interesting, I'd not thought of that...
    maybe these were made by a company for export to the UK? I've seen few around in the markets with different outfits on! I love the things I find from Poland, lovely enamel ware, beautiful embroidery, my fave mug, wooden toys etc... they are so humble, yet beautifully made with such happy colours! X

  4. Those little dolls are gorgeous.
    This weather is better than August!
    Can't wait to see your vintage knitwear.
    ps, another great look Nao.

  5. They remind me of the "Woodentops" when I was little( a hundred million years ago!!!) Roll on the freaky warm weather!!!

  6. Anonymous7.10.10

    Wow Artemis, out of all the many photos of you, this is the best. I love the way you did your hair in plaits like that.

  7. I love vintage dolls and toys! These are great! I'm working saturday, so no sun for me (boooo!) but maybe it's be nice sunday too? Have a great weekend! :)
    x Beth

  8. I love the finger puppets. I found some of these a year or so ago, the packaging is amazing,

    Enjoy the weekend!