5 September 2010

sleepy weekend.

so now we have winter to look forward to, the mood in our flat is a little bit flat. so i bought some flowers, chocolate and a dvd.

this weekend i had planned to make a wedding photo album, yes thats right, photo album. with actual real printed pictures in it! after a lot of nightmare having prints done at Boots {they came out so vivid colours that everyone looked like Oompa-Loompas}and involving a long drawn-out argument with their staff to get my money back, i eventually managed to print some out myself.


i found this 1970s album rather appealing, and thought after changing the paper and string it could be just right.

so today I realised that i hadn't gotten around to buying any new paper so as yet, it has not been finished and that was the only task i had to do this weekend and i failed! 

i'm going to make a nice cup of tea and call it a day!


  1. I know how you feel! However, your wedding photo intentions are so much better than mine. We got married in January 2008 and still haven't compiled an album. Awful....I blame there being too many nice photos to choose from! Good luck with yours. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  2. make sure you do it ~ I had the same intentions are you and mine are still in a pile - I got married in 2001! your pics are gorgeous, emma ;0)

  3. ck_dex5.9.10

    Sounds like a job for a snowy day, which hopefully won't be for a while!

    Do you have any new jewelry coming on line at RUST's London shop? I can't read Japanese, so can only shop at one! There are some gorgeous pieces and I'm feeling a jewelry purchase would suit the impending fall weather. Thanks!

  4. Your pictures look lovely, they will make a beautiful album!

  5. Nice! That photo book does seem very 'you', as far as I can tell. :) Have a relaxing day! :)

  6. What a perfect photo album for your special day! Love it!

  7. Flowers, chocolate and a dvd sound like a good idea! That album is gorgeous and so are the photos! It's good that you're getting round to it so soon! Xx

  8. It seems I have the same dilemma with regards to wedding albums. My wedding photos are still a mess and I was married decades ago! At least you have that photo book for a start.

  9. I lovwe your photo - I am totally addicted to your achingly stylish blog - so much so that I bought a tin of Crown "old white" paint yesterday! I have grand plans for a recycled kitchen! xxx

  10. Love that album. Your blog is so gorgeous!

  11. I'm an infamous blog scanner - skipping through the pages of the world wide web, looking for new and fun things.
    Typically, I just skip the comment forms and go straight onto the next best thing (not to sound mean, but it's making my point). But falling upon your blog, I ended up scanning through the days further, about drowned in your Rust website (which I'll be SURE to guide my sweet boyfriend to your site when the time is right in the next year or so...wink wink) and finding myself stepping into your world so vulnerably.
    THANK YOU for your refreshing and honest writings and for opening up your life to the world. Incredible artistic content and fabulously honest.
    More please!!!

  12. That album! I have the same one (but smaller size), my grandma brought it for me from Hungary (maybe in the early 90's?). You've just reminded me of it, unfortunately my one is somewhere at my parents house in Finland...



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