sleepy weekend.

5 September 2010

so now we have winter to look forward to, the mood in our flat is a little bit flat. so i bought some flowers, chocolate and a dvd.

this weekend i had planned to make a wedding photo album, yes thats right, photo album. with actual real printed pictures in it! after a lot of nightmare having prints done at Boots {they came out so vivid colours that everyone looked like Oompa-Loompas}and involving a long drawn-out argument with their staff to get my money back, i eventually managed to print some out myself.


i found this 1970s album rather appealing, and thought after changing the paper and string it could be just right.

so today I realised that i hadn't gotten around to buying any new paper so as yet, it has not been finished and that was the only task i had to do this weekend and i failed! 

i'm going to make a nice cup of tea and call it a day!

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