New RUST jewelleries!

28 September 2010

long time no virtual see!
I have been uber busy these last few days, trying to get all those things done that have been on the waiting list for months. Finally I have uploaded some new stock to our RUST online jewellery shop! Ho-bloody-rray!

It takes so long to get the pictures right and measure everything and think of some descriptions, i have to say that I usually put it off because of this, and then the items sell out in our workshop before I had a chance to sell them online. Which is good, but as we don't keep any stock, means I have to make a replacement pretty sharpish!

anyway, the items I have uploaded are quite simple designs but seems to be the kind of thing that everyone likes to wear and we sell out of quickly, so hope you all like. There shall be a few more vintage lockets appearing soon too!

when we were buying old plates in the market to use at our wedding, we found a stash under a table, all grubby and such. We snapped them up immediately, and when on the bus back to the workshop, i found an amazing tiny lace flower shape in the bottom of the box. I though it might make a useful jewellery component so we casted a mould, and now we have gold and silver ones! So you see there is a very valid/work related reason for going to the markets y'know!

I'm pretty chuffed with our new stones too, 100% natural colour {which is getting to be quite hard to find these days sadly they are all heat treated} such beautiful watery pale colours and some that are good enough to eat!

an some Liberty print too of course...

we only have one pair of vintage scissors, so if you want, then you must be quick!

I still have lots of stories to blog about which I haven't had time to, like our trip to the Transport Museum! {um, yes we are THAT nerdy} see you soon X

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