My vintage clothes collection Part Two {dresses and others}

11 September 2010

so then, here is my next instalment of my vintage clothes collection! So funny but this is the first time using a tripod since starting my blog, and a whole new world of portrait photography has suddenly got me the camera bug! Anywaaay, I know i know they are all crumpled outfits, but I have not an ironing board even though I do have an iron.
I took these in our garden...

this is a 1930's nightgown and a French 1920's black sequin cap.

another 1930's nightgown, this one is salmon pink chiffon!

oh dear, very creased! 1930's pyjama top with asymmetric buttons and a 1920's black sequin headdress.

nightdress with a silk lace 1900's top.

1930's satin evening gown {or wedding dress?} with vintage navy silk velvet leaves stuck in hair.

I think this velvet beaded capelet is 1900's ish, it needs a lot of repair which I shall save for a long dark winter evening! 1920's velvet corsage in hair.

children's 1920's cotton pyjamas, I love the little tucks and orange bobbles on the ankles! I'm going to use these for a pattern and make some more.

1930's backless satin evening dress with glass bugle beads {most of which I replaced as they were missing}.
A pink satin 1940's top with tucks and covered buttons on the shoulders.

1920's black lace dress with headpiece made by moi.

1930's silk quilted oriental style warm and comfy like wearing a silk sleeping bag!

a 1930's {I think ?} cotton Japanese obi, it has a different pattern on the reverse and is about 3 metres long! I'm planning to make something out of this soon.

I have some more treasures stashed away, especially my favourite red 1930's bias-cut number which i couldn't find anywhere, and lots more other bits and bobs, oh yes!

by the way I added these to my flickr along with a few others, see here.

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