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17 September 2010

it's going to take me a few more weeks before I finally accept that it is autumn. although i have bought myself a nice new winter coat! its made of woolly fleece, inside and out, and i look a bit like a sheep. But blimey is it warm or what. in fact i still have it on as i'm typing this.

i took these this morning in the meadow, in my pyjamas as usual. it was a strange light and i battled away with a all the settings on my camera to try and get a nice picture. it was difficult but i managed to get some of some dead stuff, seems like a like taking pictures of dead stuff ever since we went to Charles Darwin's house.

and some grass too, a little out of focus i just realised, but, i was getting a tad cold by this point.

and our darling, cute little ball of fluff we call Plimsoll came and joined me...

so nice to have such an obedient, affectionate cat. Oh Plimsoll you are such a delight.
{she hisses at me on a daily basis, unless i am holding or about to hold, a tin of Sheba finest cuts of tuna with prawn}

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