2 September 2010

market day.

On tuesday we got up with the larks and flew to the market. So cold, there was a frost in London! but to compensate for the mid-winter temperature in AUGUST, we were supplied with a most beautiful sunrise.

gradually, things started hotting up, and as our frozen hands became acclimatised, we were parting with money like there was no tomorrow!
Lucky for us, only small, cheap items were attracting us this time, so all in all, a very good haul.

I bought a few of these French jam jars for my teabags and sugar!

and we both fell for this naked Paddington {although he's now called Euston}

so many kid's toys around at the moment.

we found this table rather lovely, such a nice colour, and just the right amount of roughed up.

i bought a child's knitted jumper for poor old Euston, but it was a bit on the tight side, so until he can drop a few pounds, he'll remain naked.

a found some nice toys too, and another 'pecking hen's' toy!

some fabulous dead stock 1970s french sunglasses, bridge pencils and a 1973 Alice in Wonderland board game probably for the shop. For me  I found a blue aran knit cardigan and some 1920s cotton pyjamas.

I hope to update the bucket tree soon, but you know, i always say that!


  1. Love the sunnies. If you are selling them I am definately a paying customer! I will keep posted.

  2. oh my. Euston is precious.For some reason those bridge pencils please me very much...love your finds and heart your blog!

  3. Just found you via Kathy at Menopausal musings and I am totally addicted to your blog!! You are very inspirational!! xxx

  4. That table is absolute perfection. I love it!

  5. Wow! Looks like a goldmine!

  6. Alice in Wonderland board game looks fab! I loveold toy packaging! ..well any old packaging!

  7. Anonymous2.9.10

    Oh, reading this gave me a little burst of cool, which is wicked good as Boston is a boiling 97 degrees today. You'll have to post a pic of you and Euston in your kind of matching sweaters!

  8. What great finds!

    Poor Euston, a bit too chubby to fit into his sweater. If the diet doesn't work, you can try gently blocking the sweater. Once you've gently hand-washed it and pressed most of the water out (I like to roll my wet knit in a thick towel and then "stand" on the roll to get most of the moisture out) you can gently stretch the sweater to a larger dimension and let dry. You should be able to gain at least an inch or two.

    Wouldn't want Euston to catch cold this winter!


  9. That's so funny, I was at Kempton on Tuesday too but arrived 2 hours late due to traffic...but I also picked up those same jars, though didn't purchase as I couldn't figure out how they opened (and the lady was giving me funny looks)! Loving your purchases as always! Jx

  10. yum. i have been thrifting for aaaaaaaaaages. too long.

  11. i mean, i HAVEN"t. durrr. note to self, don't comment after three glasses of wine.

  12. Yes I second that WOW !!!
    So great, really love the dog on wheels.