1 September 2010

a little trip southwest {part 2}

so, after re-fueling at Petersham Nursuries, we discovered an AMAZING pathway along the river, through woods, marshland and meadow!

the light seeping through the trees was a bit hypnotic and made us feel very sleepy indeed. On the way to find a place to kip, we walked through little paths lined both sides with this amazing weed, I don't know the name of it, so if any botanists out there know, please tell me so I can grow it {even i might be able to grow a weed, right?}.

the pathway runs parallel to the Thames towards Kingston, and as this area is prone to flooding, they made an alternative dry path. clever innit.

there's even a wood bridge for getting across the flooded bits.

and a stile, just like in the actual countryside!


but i couldn't sleep because lots of insect kept crawling over me, so off we went, a bit further and discovered that the meadow was actually next to a polo field, separated by just a hedge!

the trees were ENORMOUS!

then back to southeast london, where our home is. oh hum.
we decided to hotfoot to the local park avec chips & a bottle of rouge to end the day as nicely as it began.

it took all of about, um,....5 MINUTES to achieve this...

so, that was our bank holiday weekend, and the last weekend of summer pretty much. We couldn't have asked for a better day!


  1. I'm green! I know Petersham Nurseries and this walk, from Richmond to Ham from my childhood; although like you I always lived in South London! I have tons of these pretty pink weeds at home here in France. They are terrific trifids!! with exploding seed pods; so cool and asonishing. If you want some seeds just say so... Linda

  2. I'm afraid your weed is himalayan balsam which has escaped from gardens in is causing havoc all over our river banks and woods. Its really invasive so it smothers all the native species. Aparently you can eat the seed pods though!

  3. Looks like a lovely way to spend the weekend. Especially the chips :)

    Alice is right about the pink flowers. I spent many a summer as a child (and still now occasionally) pulling up himalayan balsam and stuffing it in to bags to try and stop its invasion over the river banks and fields where I live (I think I got paid by the bag. I hope I did!) Our efforts were unsuccessful as its still everwhere. I can't help myself but but it up where ever I see it so i've never thought of it as pretty before, but seeing your photo I guess it is... (in small proportions ;) )

  4. What a lovely day you guys had!
    (apart from the insects!)

  5. Hmmm, thats a shame about the plant. Its not the plants fault that its happy here though, it the stupid humans that brought it here. therefore, i think its still a beautiful plant! X

  6. Ah Artemis - I often read your blog and really love it. Here you have stepped into my World ... we have lived down here for 3 years (we moved from Primrose Hill to be near the German School, which is next to that Polo field you mentioned and where my kids will go to school when they are bigger). I take my son to the German nature kindergarten, which is buried behind all those secret paths you were walking, every morning and every morning, whatever the weather I think that it is one of the most special places on Earth. He spends his mornings collecting sticks, eating his breakfast sitting on a log next to friends, making bread-dough and wrapping it around sticks to cook on a camp fire and generally having the most amazing time. Whilst he does that my 18 month old daughter and I often sneak off to Petersham nurseries for a browse and a cup of tea / milk and a slice of cake to share. That place just makes me happy!