1 September 2010

a little trip southwest {part 1}

i know i've gone on about this place before but, we had a little bank holiday trip to Petersham Nurseries and the surrounding countryside...and it was so lovely jubbly, thank you very much.

this time of year is perfect for viewing their daliahs which seem to be a bit of a speciality of theirs. I just can't believe that anything that huge-mungous and colourful could ever grow in dreary old Britain.
Hmmm, suspicious of their compost...

Nao does a good serious expression. I get this look all the time...its like, 'youre taking so long that i've actually found a seat and started re-arranging my business plan', well, how can you not take millions of pics of this place? I mean come on, look at this...

wowsers, I love daliahs after seeing them here a few years ago.

Nao is happy after being fed and watered.

part two of this EXCITING {not really} trip to South West London, coming up!


  1. pure gorgeous I share your delight!
    heather x

  2. Yay! My neck of the woods! :)
    Petersham is fab! X

  3. Looks lovely! Hubbies jobs are to hang around for the missus!!!

  4. Lovely dahlias, they are a favourite of mine too, and this is the time of year when they look blooming marvellous! Looks like a delightful day out :-)

  5. My neck of the woods too :) Love wandering around Petersham Nurseries. Great pics, you've captured the place really well!!

  6. I love this post, Im definately going to visit next time im in london. I got so excited when i read this title because i thought you meant south west england (my home) If you are ever there you should go to pythouse kitchen garden(coincidentally the subject of me most recent post)i suspect you'd like it! x

  7. Oh oh oh. Just lovely, reminds me of this place in Stockholm - Rosendahl's Garden - which took my breath away.



  8. This place is so beautiful! I love nurseries and being from the coastal California area there a lot so I am well fed. I could spend all day in them.

  9. What gorgeous dahlia's! I have been drawing some for the last few days for new designs... they always take my breath away...

    Such an amazing range of shapes and colours to be had! :)