18 September 2010

junk rewards

we had an amazing day today, finding lots of junks for just pennies {which makes up for last weeks conclusion on junk-collecting} and then we had a lovely drive into the country, to a farm and then to an old watermill. Mr.Junkaholic and I were quite over-come with emotions {although the cream tea may have something to do with that}
just look at all the cotton reels I found, and one of them is from John Lewis, I didn't know they'd been around that long...you might just spot it below...

a trip to the market/carboot/flea is never quite complete unless you come home with a bit of enamelware, I really don't know where I am going with this collection, our kitchen looks like a 1940s scout hut.
a bit of 70s should fix that, i found these...

talking of 1940s, I'm astounded to have found this old watercolour set in a pile of rubbish, it had a bit of paper inside and on the back is written 1941. I'd like to think it has some tales to tell.
I've since cleaned it up a treat since i took this photo. The tiny paint pots are made of ceramic not plastic. I feel spurred on to do a spot of painting now.
Also, I like these tins very much and a handful of rusty old clips may be useful at some point in my like.

more junk...pretty self explanatory...

an alternative to scrabble, a child's accordion {might need a chisel to prise this away from me} and nestling santa dolls, a peculiar notion, but i like it!

I've never really been into dolls per-say, but this one I couldn't really leave behind.

we are collecting art works to hang in our home that we have yet to buy {or save up for in fact}.

Nao found this lovely leather suitcase, with a beautiful blue lining.

can you imagine going to the airport and getting a label like this on your luggage? {well if you are quite old enough then you probably can imagine it!} I wish they were still like this, why did they have to change them anyway, it was perfectly functionable as it was.

he also found these...

...for our massive allotment on our massive garden {that we have yet to buy and yet to save up for}.

and at long last I found myself a nice mug for my cuppa, I was so happy even though it was half full of mud and with a live woodlouse in it, I took it up to the moody looking seller, and guess what....he gave it to me for free! the sun was definitely shining on me today i reckon.

So I'd say it was a successful harvest in the flea today, and I have lots more to tell you about what we got up to afterwards too. I'll save that for tomorrow me thinks.


  1. wow
    nice bargain hunting Artemis! Well done!
    It is nice to know that there are markets on Saturdays too :-) it feels like there is still hope for the salary men and women then :-)

  2. Lovely finds Artemis. You've got me right in the mood for car booting tomorrow. I can't wait. Last week I only came away with 3 1930's jelly moulds.

  3. Louise18.9.10

    Oh i always love to see what delicious goodies you have found!

  4. Increible y maravilloso!!!!!

  5. Thanks peoples!
    Cristina, things are always around if you look for them ;)

  6. I am so envious. I love all your finds. You have such a good eye.

  7. Love those watercolours!

    I'd love to know where you go to these fleas/bootsales so i could go along myself one time.

  8. She Draws,
    ...the answer is to go to ALL car boots/markets/fleas/charity shops!...there's no quick answer I'm afraid, but that's where the fun lies...when you eventually find something nice amongst all the tat, its a bit addictive! X

  9. I see you had a good day

    love the vintage garden tools

  10. I see you had a good day

    love the vintage garden tools

  11. such good finds - love the doll and the mug . . . oh and the kitchen stuff. awesome. ck :) x

  12. Wow, I love the suitcase. Great finds!

  13. Love a good flea find - & yours are excellent. makes me want to Go for a Look/See myself.

  14. Fantastic finds Artemis! I love to see all your treasures. I have to admit though that I'm beginning to wonder where you keep all the stuff you buy. You live in a small flat, don't you? Lol, anyway, keep on buying and keep on sharing cos we love it!

  15. Love it all!!! Made me wish I was going flea-mraketing today myself!

  16. Hey! I started my own blog recently. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out and maybe give me some feedback? Any comments are welcomed! Thank you so much, and don't stop blogging - we all have a voice to be heard! xx

  17. ok...wow! I love your blog....I can't remember how I came across it...but seriously love it!!

    Were all you purchases expensive?...my local charity shops are rubbish at the mo...

    Happy Blogging!

    Sam :0)

  18. Ky,
    I sell most of the things that I buy in my online shop.
    We store the stock in some drawers at our workshop until it sells.

    Thanks for all your words of encouragement! X

  19. What great finds! Makes me want to go out right now. I wish we had a good flea market around here. My aunt has a doll that looks just like that!! I wonder where they are from??

  20. I'd love to go to all junk filled places, but i'm new to the area and don't know where to start!!

  21. Oh I just LOVE that old watercolor set - I would have given anything to have found that. I'm a watercolor artist and a lover of old things - especially old art supplies/tools. Thanks for sharing these with us! By the way, I think this is the first time I've left a comment on your blog but I've been looking at it for quite some time and just LOVE it - beautiful photography. I've almost e-mailed you in the past to ask if I could paint some of your cat photos because I've loved them so much. Thanks for sharing tidbits of your life.

  22. Hi, this is my first comment here. And I must write: OMG! That is a Kashubian embroidery pattern on this mug! This pattern comes from north region of Poland, so do I. This mug came a long way. I need to buy one like this, when I will visiting my parents next time. Your blog is full of inspiration, thanks. Greetings!