16 September 2010

junk n'stuff.

Yep, off we trudged to the market today, and we found a few things that made the trip worthy. A small cupboard for our small flat, and a lovely blue sailing boat.

and a 1940s wrap top for moi, I love the buttons especially...

I also found a tiny ship-in-a-bottle for the shop.

Generally though, I feel that the markets are becoming a bit too expensive these days...a bit over populated too. I see a lot that I absolutely want, but the price is over the rainbow. I don't want to feel like I'm going to a shop, in a market you want to feel like you are a hunter and that bargains are to be had if you haggle a bit. By definition, market means to haggle doesn't it? otherwise it's a shop, right?

Anyway, enough of my moaning...I still feel bitter about leaving some beauties behind in the 'market'.

I have been amazingly busy of late, not much time to blog or do anything really. I have made 30 new pieces for the RUST shop, some of which are one-off designs and other are going to be followed up with a batch of them. So now I have to get all the finishing done and take a squillion photos and get them up on the web shop. Same goes for the bucket tree, I have a MOUNTAIN of gems, yet to be uploaded. O hum.

By-the-way, we celebrated our one month being married the other day {14th} just another excuse to go to our favourite restaurant really! Whilst on the subject, maybe I should tell everyone {esp. friends & family} that I haven't changed my name to Nao's name {I'm still artemis russell}. Hope not to disappoint anyone, but y'know me, ever the equalitist!

So, I hope very shortly to post about all the new things in our shop, but at the moment they still need a lot of work that should keep me out of trouble for another week or so!

bye for now x


  1. Totally agree. Even car boots are getting pricey! But when you don't splurge you are forever thinking about the one that got away!!........

  2. Hello Artemis,
    No I didn't change my surname - much to the bemusement of Everyone. He can change his name to mine should he wish!

    Am in need of stuff for our house and am hoping to avoid Ikea. Do you know of any good markets that happen in the southwest? Or somewhere that could tell me where they might be??

    Thanks! Ruth

  3. Hi Ruth,

    Glad I'm not the only one ;)

    Do you mean southwest london, or southwest england? If london, then you should try Kempton Park market. But don't know much about markets towards Cornwall/devon area.

  4. Good for you - I haven't changed my surname to my husband's either, despite his mother insisting on writing cards to 'Dr and Mrs Mann'. People get a bit confused sometimes when we say we're married but have different surnames. I just sigh and explain. Most people don't really know that you have no legal obligation to take your husband's surname. Good thing, really, for some of us.

    And yeah, even the markets are expensive these days. But compared to some antiques _fairs_, Kempton Park still has a few more bargains if you're good at hunting like you are.

  5. Yeah I agree, all getting a bit pricey these days. I tried to haggle at an antiques shop in hampton court area a few weeks back. Thought I would try my luck and managed to get a bit of a discount, but I was told 'it's not normal practice'. Whoops, ah well!

  6. Do you have any local auction houses anywhere near you? I get a lot of stuff from a local auction house that has a weekly 'general sale' and if you don't mind a bit of a rummage and a good clean of your winnings there is some amazing stuff to be had out there! :)

  7. Of course I love the sailing boat but those buttons, my goodness they're divine!

  8. i am in love with your blog. will be following often.