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16 September 2010

Yep, off we trudged to the market today, and we found a few things that made the trip worthy. A small cupboard for our small flat, and a lovely blue sailing boat.

and a 1940s wrap top for moi, I love the buttons especially...

I also found a tiny ship-in-a-bottle for the shop.

Generally though, I feel that the markets are becoming a bit too expensive these days...a bit over populated too. I see a lot that I absolutely want, but the price is over the rainbow. I don't want to feel like I'm going to a shop, in a market you want to feel like you are a hunter and that bargains are to be had if you haggle a bit. By definition, market means to haggle doesn't it? otherwise it's a shop, right?

Anyway, enough of my moaning...I still feel bitter about leaving some beauties behind in the 'market'.

I have been amazingly busy of late, not much time to blog or do anything really. I have made 30 new pieces for the RUST shop, some of which are one-off designs and other are going to be followed up with a batch of them. So now I have to get all the finishing done and take a squillion photos and get them up on the web shop. Same goes for the bucket tree, I have a MOUNTAIN of gems, yet to be uploaded. O hum.

By-the-way, we celebrated our one month being married the other day {14th} just another excuse to go to our favourite restaurant really! Whilst on the subject, maybe I should tell everyone {esp. friends & family} that I haven't changed my name to Nao's name {I'm still artemis russell}. Hope not to disappoint anyone, but y'know me, ever the equalitist!

So, I hope very shortly to post about all the new things in our shop, but at the moment they still need a lot of work that should keep me out of trouble for another week or so!

bye for now x

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