14 September 2010

finger stones

this is our latest diamond creation! It's that ring I was going on about in this post.
It's completely made by hand in London {not like those casted ones} so it's totally unique as each one will be ever so slightly different. We have a sample at our London showroom, your welcome to come and try it on!
{I've been trying it on everyday since we had it here, shhh!}
It's listed under 'Engagement' on our wedding site, but to be honest, I think you could just buy it for yourself*, it makes a lovely dress ring.

* provided you have some disposable income that is.


  1. Oh my gosh..LOVE LOVE LOVE!! What a beauty...

  2. AtelierSharka14.9.10

    Beatiful ring and great fotos ♥

  3. I have a 'thing' for rings and now this has jumped right to the top of my 'wish list'. Divine.

  4. what a lovely, lovely ring!! Although to be fair I seem to be loving most of the rust jewelry.

    Just wanted to add that I have just found your blog and it is lovely! Plus I am now the owner of a fab new shed, looking at yours is giving me loads of inspiration, thanks!

  5. absolutely beautiful!

  6. this ring is so beautiful. :D
    by the way, i will be visiting your shop in tokyo this october. will i be able to see this ring?

  7. What a beautiful ring. It manages to look both classy and bohemian which is quite difficult I think.

    I wish I was in London and could visit your stores! Your jewellery is just my thing.

  8. Good grief, that ring is beautiful. Actually, all your work is beautiful and it's making me wish I were in London so I could see it in person and somehow convince my lovely husband that I must have one. :)